Was Back To Black Actually Filmed In London? All Of The Filming Locations To Know

By Olivia Emily

2 months ago

The Amy Winehouse biopic debuts in cinemas this weekend

Amy Winehouse was a beloved Londoner, with the north of the city her stomping ground. She was born in Enfield, raised in Southgate, and rose to fame singing at prestigious jazz venues across the city before being signed to her record label. This weekend, a biopic delving into Amy’s rise to global fame and critical success will land in cinemas, titled Back To Black after her second and final album released in 2006. The film certainly centres on our British capital, but was Back To Black actually filmed in London? And, if so, where?

Here’s exactly where Back to Black was filmed, plus all the spots you can visit.

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Where Was Back To Black Filmed?

Back To Black was filmed in London in early 2023. ‘As much as possible, I wanted to be authentic to the places that she loved and feel the spirit of her,’ director Sam Taylor-Johnson recently told Time Out. ‘I feel like we’ve honoured the city.’

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse in Back To Black

© StudioCanal UK

Back To Black Filming Locations

Ronnie Scott’s, Soho

Amy’s family has a long jazz legacy, and her paternal grandmother Cynthia, a jazz singer, even dated the English jazz saxophonist Ronnie Scott. Scott, of course, is the man behind Ronnie Scott’s, a still-popular jazz club in the heart of Soho. The real bar features twice in Back To Black: for a performance by Amy, and when she visits with her dad and ends up joining an impromptu jamming session.

Visit: 47 Frith St, London W1D 4HT. ronniescotts.co.uk

Flamin’ Eight Tattoo Studio, Camden

Winehouse was famously a fan of tattoos, and was a loyal customer of Flamin’ Eight in Camden. Staying true to the singer’s story, multiple scenes in Back To Black were filmed at the real studio, which is still trading in Camden.

Visit: 2 Castle Rd, London NW1 8PP. flamineight.co.uk

Actor Marisa Abela and director Sam Taylor-Johnson on the set of BACK TO BLACK, a Focus Features release.

(L to R) Actor Marisa Abela and director Sam Taylor-Johnson on the set of BACK TO BLACK, a Focus Features release. © Dean Rogers/Focus Features

Jeffrey’s Place, Camden

During Amy’s Camden era, she lived in a flat building called Jeffrey’s Place – and Back To Black was actually filmed here. It features most heavily when Winehouse is swamped by paparazzi, which led to some ironic confusion during filming.

‘It was confusing for Marisa and myself when one paparazzi infiltrated our actor paparazzi,’ Taylor-Johnson told Time Out. ‘I called “cut” and told him to leave the set, and he said, “I’ve got every right to get that picture like they do,” and I said, “They’re actors. There is no picture. This isn’t Amy.” That’s when it gets meta and confusing.’

Visit: This is private property, so it’s best not to pay a visit.

Regent’s Canal, Camden

Amy frequently visited Regent’s Canal for a walk, and this is recreated in Back To Black, especially in the first half. The famously unfenced canal caused some perilous moments for the crew: ‘We did have quite a few crew almost fall in on one day,’ Taylor-Johnson told Time Out. ‘Also, bolshy people who don’t care when you’re filming and just push their way through, so we’d have to cut. We had one guy who kept doing it, so that was quite entertaining.’

Visit: Regent’s Canal runs through much of north London, but you can pick it up in Camden for the most Winehouse experience.

The Good Mixer, Camden

Winehouse used to frequent The Good Mixer – a real and authentic Camden boozer – when she was tired of being stalked by paparazzi. It also features in the film: the scene when Winehouse first encounters Blake Fielder-Civil (Jack O’Connell) over pints and pool was filmed at The Good Mixer. According to Taylor-Johnson, it was perfectly primed for filming – because it hasn’t changed all that much since Winehouse would have been visiting. ‘They have the same floor, bar, everything,’ says Taylor-Johnson. ‘The only thing we had to change was the jukebox.’

Visit: 30 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ. thegoodmixer.co.uk

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse and Jack O'Connell as Blake Fielder-Civil in director Sam Taylor-Johnson's BACK TO BLACK, a Focus Features release

(L to R) Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse and Jack O’Connell as Blake Fielder-Civil in director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s BACK TO BLACK, a Focus Features release. © Dean Rogers/Focus Features

London Zoo, Camden

Yep, Amy and Blake really went on their first date at London Zoo – and Back To Black filmed those scenes in the real location.

Visit: Outer Cir, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY. londonzoo.org

Primrose Hill, Camden

Both of the picnic scenes in Back To Black were filmed in Primrose Hill, an iconic London park with views across the city.

Visit: Primrose Hill Rd, London NW1 4NR.

Bar Italia, Soho

Moving back to Soho, Back To Black was also filmed at Bar Italia, where Amy would often stop for coffee. In the film, this is where Amy tells her father Mitch (Eddie Marsan) that she wants to go to rehab.

Visit: 22 Frith St, London W1D 4RF. baritaliasoho.co.uk

The Mildmay Club, Stoke Newington

This characterful snooker club features in Back To Black when Blake breaks up with Amy for the first time. The club is a really interesting spot, filled with cues which belonged to men who didn’t return from WWI.

Visit: 33-34 Newington Grn, London N16 9PR. mildmay.club

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse in Back To Black

© StudioCanal UK


Back To Black arrives in UK cinemas on Friday 12 April 2024.