14 At Home Date Night Ideas For A Low-Key Valentine's Day
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14 At Home Date Night Ideas For A Low-Key Valentine’s Day

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Planning a date night? If you’re bored of trekking to the same old pub, sipping overpriced cocktails, or wracking your brain for (ultimately expensive) activities to do with your significant other, you might be looking for some at home date night ideas. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, here are 14 fun dates to try that won’t empty your wallet.

14 Cute At Home Date Night Ideas

Make Pottery Together

If it works for Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, it works for us. Order an at-home pottery making kit, and get your hands dirty crafting a special piece of crockery. You could even pledge to make each other something. Don’t worry: you don’t need a potter’s wheel to throw your creation into being. Instead opt for a special at-home kit like Sculpd’s, which contains air-drying clay and all the tools you’ll need. sculpd.co.uk


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Paint Together

Or keep the art simple and try painting instead. You could paint each other, or agree on an object you want to create. You could work side by side, or wait until you’re finished for a big reveal moment. If you want to make it even more simple, try a chic adult paint by numbers set. (Shhh! No one needs to know…). Just Paint’s are especially beautiful. justpaintbynumbers.shop


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Spa Night

Time for self-care. Light some candles to create a cosy and romantic ambience, whip out the fluffy robes and slippers, and settle onto the living room sofa (or perhaps your bed) for an evening of relaxation. This is a perfect way to spend quality time – and a great opportunity to try Niksen (aka the art of doing nothing). You could listen to gentle music, apply face masks, rest with cucumber slices over your eyes, or even give each other massages. Ahem…

Two people at home with cucumber slices over their eyes

Double Date: Game Night

Got a couple you just vibe with? It’s notoriously hard to pin four people down at once, but an at home date is easier to arrange than many. We propose: game night. Whether you play video games or classic board games, this is a fun way to see a new side of all involved. Who is secretly extremely competitive? And who will turn out to be a sore loser?

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A woman at home playing jenga

Movie Night

It’s a classic at home date night idea for a reason: everyone loves movies. What have you been meaning to watch? Stick it on, sit back and enjoy – and then dissect every moment with your loved one afterwards.

Two people cosied up on the sofa for movie night

Box Set Binge

Prefer TV to films? We hear you. Sink your teeth into a TV box set instead. Looking for a thrill? Here are our favourite crime box sets.

Dinner Party For Two

Why save your best crockery for visitors when the love of your life is right here? Plan a romantic dinner party for your next at home date. This could be as minimal or maximalist as you desire; think candle light only, a specially crafted menu written on a card, cracking open a special bottle of wine or popping the prosecco… You could even dress for the occasion, though probably best to do that after you’ve cooked the meal. Speaking of which, here are some C&TH approved recipes to inspire you.

Two people cooking at home

Make Sushi

An especially fun dish to get stuck into together is sushi. And there are sure to be laughs when one of you inevitably can’t escape the sticky mess of rice on your hands.

Two people making pasta together

Make Pasta

Not a sushi fan? Pasta fatto a mano (made by hand) is said to be the best way to enjoy the Italian staple – so why not try your hand at home? Just make sure you have a big wooden board and rolling pin so you can flatten your dough into a wafer thin sheet.

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Or keep it lighthearted and whip up a batch of sweet treats by baking a new recipe together. If you fancy yourself a Bake Off connoisseur, why not start out with one of the recipes from the most recent series? Click here to pick your favourite.

Take Out Night

Want to remove the cooking factor entirely? Treat yourself to your favourite take out instead, and tuck in in front of a movie. Fancy something posher? Opt for one of these chic fine dining delivery services. Bon appetit!

Cocktail Night

If tasty tipples are more your speed, grab a shaker and have a cocktail night together, mixing up your favourite drinks and experimenting with classic recipes. Visit the C&TH cocktail hub for inspiration.

Date night at home, with glasses of wine and candles

Wine Tasting Night

If money isn’t the reason you’re seeking at home date ideas, splurge on a few fancy bottles of wine (or crack open the ones you’ve been saving) and enjoy a wine tasting night together. Alternatively, order a wine tasting kit to avoid opening countless bottles. We like KASK’s kits of five 100ml tasters of organic, vegan and minimal intervention wines. kaskwine.co.uk

Create A Bucket List

Feeling dreamy? Grab a notepad and paper, and start planning your future bucket list experiences together, from countries you’d love to visit to adrenaline fuelled activities you’d like to do in your life. Sky dive, anyone?