The Great British Bake Off: The Best Bits From Series 14
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The Great British Bake Off: The Best Bits From Series 14

Fancy an extra bite of the fun?

The Great British Bake Off is officially over for another year, with (spoiler alert) PE teacher Matty crowned the winner and awarded the coveted cake stand. Fancy reliving the magic? We’ve collected all the Bake Off best bits from series 14 to reminisce on.

The Great British Bake Off Series 14 Best Bits


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Matty Can’t Make Buttercream

He may have been crowned the winner in episode 10, but the very first episode of Bake Off (known as The Great British Baking Show across the Atlantic) saw Matty getting a bit flustered with a baking staple: buttercream. His nerves got the better of him a few times, with his buttercream curdling. ‘I’m hiding the terror through a smile,’ he jokes. The baker was struggling so much with making it, in fact, that he threw in the towel and settled for a mascarpone cream on the outside of his cake, instead.

The Great British Bake Off Series 14 Ep7

Alison and Noel with Matty

Paul Hollywood Hug

Unpopular opinion: the Hollywood Handshake has been awarded too liberally since Bake Off hopped from BBC One to Channel 4. While we were lucky to see Paul bestow his ultimate sign of respect twice in a series back in the old days, in recent years he has been known to shake talented contestants’ hands twice in an episode. But the first episode hinted we might be in for a regeneration: from Hollywood Handshake to Hollywood Hug. Saku was honoured with a rare embrace from the hard-to-please judge after divulging her nerves at creating her vertical cake. Paul’s comforting hug evidently worked: ‘Can you believe it?’ she beamed.

The Impossible Technical

The memes that have stemmed from the seventh episode’s impossible technical challenge are so hilarious, it’s perhaps worth the strife the challenge caused. The Steam Pudding: a simple, even antiquated sounding dessert. Who knew it would prove so difficult? Certainly not Paul Hollywood, who described the line-up of soggy, undercooked disaster cakes before him as the worst he’d ever judged. In fact, Prue and Paul only deigned to eat two of the puddings on offer: Dan’s and Tasha’s.


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Is It True About Blackberries?

New presenter Alison Hammond has had us in fits of giggles all season, but one specific moment that springs to mind was an instalment to her jokey flirtation with eventual winner Matty. While Matty was crafting his Blackberry & Elderflower floral showstopper, the presenter asked a very important question: ‘Is it true about blackberries? The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Is it true?’ she asked. ‘You tell me!’ Matty quipped in return. ‘It’s true,’ Alison replied before both erupted into giggles.

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The Cake

The first episode of Bake Off series 14 saw a fan-favourite cake finally making an appearance: the raspberry topped cake from the opening credits. The cake featured in the Technical Challenge, based on Paul Hollywood’s chocolate fudge cake recipe, and it was a monumental moment with many contestants debating over little easter egg details like missing off a raspberry on the side.


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