DIRT Charity Has Been Nominated For The Earthshot Prize
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DIRT Charity Has Been Nominated For The Earthshot Prize

DIRT is C&TH’s 2024 charity partner

Catching up on your climate news? Well, here at C&TH, we’re particularly thrilled that DIRT, our 2024 charity partner, has just been nominated for the Earthshot Prize. Read on for the rundown.

Earthshot Prize Nominations 2024: DIRT Charity


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Every year, the Earthshot Prize celebrates the innovators working to find solutions to the world’s biggest environmental challenges. Last year’s winners included WildAid Marine Program and South American charity Acción Andina, which helps to protect native high Andean forest ecosystems. This year, C&TH’s charity partner, DIRT, has been honoured with a nomination for their invaluable work in biodynamic agriculture.

What is DIRT Charity?

DIRT is a UK charity working globally to turn fashion into a climate solution, starting with the soil. Fashion is grown in soil, and the way we currently grow our raw materials causes tremendous harm to soil, and is a catalyst for climate change. We could grow fashion crops such as wool, cotton, leather and linen in a way that heals soil and restores nature to full health and thriving biodiversity. 

Regenerating soil is both a long term solution and the fastest answer we have to climate change. The biodynamic method of agriculture that DIRT Charity’s efforts support is a powerful nature based solution to farming and our goal is to get fashion’s sourcing power behind biodynamic soil regeneration globally. DIRT’s mission is to grow and process all fashion’s raw materials biodynamically. 

To find out more, visit dirt.charity

What Is The Earthshot Prize?

The Earthshot Prize draws inspiration from John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot project, which brought together millions of people in the 1960s and propelled the creation of the cutting-edge technology that took man to the moon. The prize harnesses this unifying and creative power to address the climate crisis and build a more sustainable future.

At the centre of The Earthshot Prize are five aims: to protect and restore nature; to clean our air; to revive our oceans; to build a waste-free world; and to fix our climate. Every year, The Earthshot Prize Council collates a shortlist of individuals, groups and institutions working towards these aims from activists and economists to governments and banks. Fifteen finalists are selected, and one winner from each of the five categories is announced during the awards ceremony.

The Earthshot Prize 2024

The 2024 awards will be presented in Cape Town. Just like last year, the ceremony will form the first part of Earthshot Week, a roster of events bringing together world-leading innovators, philanthropists and investors. Earthshot Week will be run in partnership with MultiChoice, Africa’s leading entertainment company – offering a chance for African Youth Creators to spotlight and celebrate African solutions and the people behind them.

The awards will also be followed by Earthshot+, a day of engaging environmental conversations aimed at magnifying the impact of The Earthshot Prize winners and finalists.

For more information, visit earthshotprize.org