The Coolest Electric Gadgets for a Greener Commute

Feeling electric

Get to work easier, and reduce your emissions with the exciting new generation of cool electric gadgets, says Sam Kieldsen.

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We all know we should all be striving for more sustainability in our everyday lives, and the next step in your green journey could be your daily trip to the office.

For urban dwellers, the commute to work can be a major source of carbon emissions, especially in the first and last mile of the journey – the short trip from your home to the train station, and the train station to your destination.

Making one, both or all these steps with an EV rather than a car or taxi can have a huge impact, and there’s more good news: the latest options boast longer ranges, shorter charging times and some genuinely gorgeous design.

Cool Electric Gadgets for a Greener Commute

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maeving electric bike

Maeving RM1

Despite its gloriously vintage road warrior styling, this all-electric hog has a top speed of just 45mph, making it ideal for light urban use, as does the fact it can charge from any socket and requires only a simple CBT licence to be ridden.

From £5,995, maeving.com

Polestar 3 for greener commute

Polestar 3

This family four-wheel drive SUV has it all: clean and understated Scandi style with flush window and door handle design, interior luxury and a comfortable 379-plus miles of range (WLTP).

From £79,900, polestar.com

skarper electric bike


Already own a pedal bicycle you adore? Instantly electrify it with this ingenious clip-on kit. It works with any bike that uses disc brakes, adding over 30 miles of assisted cycling on a full charge.

From £1,000, skarper.com

Raleigh Stride E-Bike

Raleigh Stride 2 Electric Cargo Bike

The school run just got fun thanks to this 500Wh electric cargo bike that can carry the kids and any amount of cargo with consummate ease. Without having to break a sweat you’ll be able to transport 80 kg of people or things over 40 miles on a single charge.

£4,395, raleigh.com

Xiaomi scooter for greener commute

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite

E-scooter use is effectively illegal on public roads in the UK, but that’s likely to change soon. This model is cheap, foldable and stylish, with a 12.4-mile range.

£399.99, mi.com

Polestar CAKE Makka electric moped for greener commute

Cake Makka Polestar Edition

Impossible not to love, this electric utility vehicle offers regenerative braking, a three-hour charge time, 34 mile range and nippy top speed of 28mph. There’s even a surfboard rack and rear seat add-on.

€5,300, polestar.com