Ncuti Gatwa Set To Lead New Thriller Inspired By Strangers On A Train
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Ncuti Gatwa Set To Lead New Thriller Inspired By Strangers On A Train

It's going to be a big few years for the Rwandan-Scottish actor

Loved the latest instalment of Doctor Who? Then you’re going to love this. Ncuti Gatwa has just been cast in a new thriller, based on the classic novel and film Strangers On A Train – here’s everything we know so far.

The New Strangers On A Train Thriller Starring Ncuti Gatwa

‘Booked and busy’ is how we’d describe Ncuti Gatwa right now. The actor, who is perhaps best known for his breakout role in Netflix’s Sex Education, has been very in demand over the last year – with roles in Barbie, Apple TV’s Masters of the Air and, of course, Doctor Who (in which he plays the 15th iteration of the Time Lord).

But while fans have been excitedly waiting for the fourteenth series of Doctor Who to drop (calendars marked for May 2024), it seems the actor has been busy on other notable projects; namely, a new TV series inspired by cult classic Strangers On A Train.

While most details are still under wraps, the thriller comes courtesy of House Productions, the body behind recent theatre hits The Zone of Interest and The Iron Claw. Co-CEOs Juliette Howell and Tessa Ross introduced the new project in an interview with Deadline, where they revealed that Ncuti Gatwa was attached and that the script is currently being ‘taken out’ or developed.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson). © BBC Studios 2023/James Pardon

What Is Strangers On A Train About?

Originally a book written by Patricia Highsmith in 1950, Strangers On A Train is a psychological thriller that tells the story of two strangers who meet (you guessed it) on a train. One, however, is a psychopath who strikes up a deal with the other to ‘trade’ murders in order to evade the police. The book has since been adapted twice for film; the first in 1951 by Alfred Hitchcock, and the second in 1969 by Robert Sparr.

According to Radio Times, the upcoming TV series will ‘take inspiration’ from the original Strangers On A Train novel and film – meaning that, while some of the main plot points may remain unchanged, there will be plenty of room for new twists, storylines and characters. The show is also still very much in the development stages – hence the lack of a name – with the script still bring written and edited.

Who Stars?

At present, only Ncuti Gatwa has been revealed as a cast member – and it’s not clear what role he’ll be playing in the show just yet. Watch this space for future updates.

Where Was It Filmed?

Unlike the book and film, the new TV series is reportedly set in Sitges, Spain – so we expect some filming to take place in the area or nearby.

Is There A Trailer?

Not yet – filming has not even commenced yet, so we still have some time before any promo materials are released.

Release Date

With the project still being in the development stages, it will be a while before we’ll see Gatwa take on a role in this new rendition of Strangers On A Train. There’s no official release date, but we have our fingers crossed that we’ll see something in mid to late 2025.

Featured image: BBC/So Television/PA Media/Ian West