The Ultimate C&TH Christmas Quiz

By Lucy Cleland

6 months ago

Can you get them all?

Looking for games to crack out over the Christmas period? There’s nothing like a big, juicy quiz to get the family fired up. Get into teams and have a go at our ultimate Christmas quiz, which covers everything from films to celebrities to food, compiled by C&TH’s editorial director Lucy Cleland. All the answers are at the bottom – for the quizmaster’s eyes only, of course. No cheating!

The Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz Questions



  1. In Home Alone, where are the McCallisters going on holiday when they leave Kevin behind?
  2. What is the biggest grossing Christmas film ever? 
  3. Miracle On 34th Street centres on what real-life department store?
  4. Which two blockbusting movies went head to head with the same release date this year? 
  5. According to 1946’s Christmas classic It’s Wonderful Life, what happens every time a bell rings? 
  6. Which famous US political figure and celebrity makes a cameo in Home Alone 2
  7. In which children’s classic is it ‘always winter but never Christmas’?
  8. In which Shakespeare play does a man dressed as a woman fall in love with a woman dressed as a man at Christmas?
  9. What is the best-selling Christmas single of all time?
  10. What comes next in Wham’s Last Christmas: ‘Once bitten and twice shy, I keep my distance…’
  11. After winning four Grammys in February, Beyoncé is now the most awarded artist in the prize’s history, but how many Grammys in total does she have?
  12. Which city hosted the Eurovision contest this year?
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stood outdoors in country clothes

(c) Instagram @chrisjacksongetty

Politics & Royals

  1. How many Prime Ministers have we had since 2016? 
  2. Which politician most recently appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?
  3. In April which country became the 31st to join NATO?
  4. Which Christmas decoration does the Royal Family not have on their trees?
  5. What is the title of Omid Scobie’s latest take down of the royals?
  6. How much revenue is the Princess of Wales said to bring to the UK economy? 
  7. What did Prince Charles recently do with some of his palaces’ old curtains
  8. What is the name of the adult film star who’s been called to give evidence in one of Donald Trump’s trials?
  9. How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned the Queen of England?
  10. Who played Diana most recently in The Crown?
  11. Who are the hosts of the podcast The Rest is Politics? 
  12. What is Rishi Sunak’s wife called?

Jeremy Clarkson, Lisa Hogan, Kaleb Cooper and Gerald Cooper


  1. Who wrote this year’s top selling memoir?
  2. Who narrated Britney Spears’ memoir The Woman in Me for the audiobook version?
  3. Which music artist shaved his hair off in November, causing the internet to lose its mind?
  4. Who is Taylor Swift’s current squeeze? 
  5. Which popstar couldn’t find her seat at the king’s coronation?
  6. Who are North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm? 
  7. What name is singer-actor Stefani Germanotta better known by?
  8. What is the name of Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend? 
  9. Which singer’s real name is Robyn Fenty?
  10. Which of the six main characters on the TV show Friends never got married?
  11. Who was the highest-paid sports star in 2022? 
  12. Who is the richest person in the world? 

Christmas tree

Traditional/Food & Drink

  1. How many of Rudolph’s fellow reindeers’ names start with ‘D’?
  2. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?
  3. Which city has been donating Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree to London every year since 1947?
  4. Traditionally, when should you start making a Christmas pudding?
  5. What type of tree is most commonly used for Christmas trees?
  6. What time is the King’s speech traditionally broadcast on Christmas Day?
  7. What colour are mistletoe berries?
  8. How many gifts were given in total in The Twelve Days of Christmas song?
  9. In which country did eggnog originate?
  10. In which country is it tradition to eat KFC for Christmas dinner?
  11. What is the most popular vegetarian alternative to a roast turkey?
  12. Which UK supermarket’s mince pies topped this year’s Which? magazine blind taste test?

Padel tennis


  1. On 30 November 2023, ChatGPT reached its first birthday. How long did it take for ChatGPT to reach 100m users to the nearest month? (Hint: It took 2.5 years for Instagram to reach 100m users.)
  2. At the beginning of 2023 which country re-opened its borders to international visitors three years after the beginning of the Covid pandemic?
  3. In September what epidemic was said to be being brought over to the UK from Paris?
  4. What did Nasa confirm happened this summer? 
  5. What was the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year, and what word is it shortened from? (half a point each)
  6. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?
  7. What percentage of the Earth’s wildlife is found in the ocean?
  8. What is a single strand of spaghetti called?
  9. How many slices of pizza does America eat per second to the nearest 50 slices? 
  10. What is the meaning of ‘fn’ on your computer keyboard? 
  11. Name two new very popular sports taking the country by storm and both beginning with ‘p’?
  12. What is the name of the social media app designed by Meta, aimed to rival Twitter/X?

Christmas Quiz Answers


  1. Paris
  2. The Grinch 
  3. Macy’s
  4. Barbie and Oppenheimer
  5. An angel gets its wings
  6. Donald Trump
  7. The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe
  8. Twelfth Night
  9. White Christmas by Bing Crosby, according to the Guinness Book of World Records
  10. ‘But you still catch my eye’
  11. 32
  12. Liverpool

Politics & Royals

  1. 5
  2. Nigel Farage
  3. Finland
  4. Tinsel
  5. Endgame
  6. £1bn
  7. Made them into kimonos and auctioned them
  8. Stormy Daniels
  9. 27
  10. Elizabeth Debicki
  11. Alistair Campbell amd Rory Stewart 
  12. Akshata Murty


  1. Prince Harry
  2. Michelle Williams
  3. Harry Styles
  4. Travis Kelce
  5. Katy Perry
  6. Kim Kardashian’s children
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Lisa Hogan
  9. Rihanna
  10. Joey
  11. Lionel Messi
  12. Elon Musk

Traditional/ Food & Drink

  1. 3 – Dasher, Dancer, Donner
  2. Germany
  3. Oslo, Norway
  4. On a Sunday, five weeks before Christmas
  5. Nordmann Fir
  6. 3pm
  7. White
  8. 364
  9. Britain
  10. Japan
  11. Nut roast
  12. The Co-op


  1. Two months
  2. China
  3. Bed bugs
  4. Hottest summer ever
  5. Rizz, from charisma
  6. Blue
  7. 94 percent
  8. Spaghetto
  9. 350-400 slices of pizza per second function
  10. Function
  11. Padel tennis and pickleball 
  12. Threads