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The Best Places to Eat & Drink in Cambridge: A Foodie’s Guide

Local chef Tristan Welch gives us his recommendations

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The picturesque and historic city on the River Cam is home to some of the best dining spots in the country…

Cambridge’s food and drink scene is ever more varied and growing, packed with quirky, independent foodie spots for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. Born and bred East Anglian chef Tristan Welch has returned to the beautiful city as Chef Director of Parker’s Tavern, which is set to open in August 2018. He gives us his top recommendations for where to eat and drink while you’re in town…

Tristan’s Pick: The Best Food & Drink Spots in Cambridge

Cambridge Wine Merchants

Cambridge Wine Merchants are local award-winning wine merchants and at Parker’s Tavern we are working very closely with them to offer an amazing wine list. This is the best place in the city to buy Port and they work closely with the University colleges, many of which invest large sums into wine each year.

Hazelnut Gelato at Jack’s Gelato

Jack's Gelato Cambridge

Particularly perfect for Summer months – this amazing ice cream shop is run by a man so passionate about his craft and you can taste it! He churns the ice cream in front of your eyes in the most mesmerizing contraption. I am in love with the hazelnut ice cream – I always ask him for his secret flavour but he never lets on. If you want double portions, tell him Tristan sent you…

Chocolate Puddings at Dulcedo Patisserie & Dessert Bar

In essence, Dulcedo is a dessert restaurant – is there anything better? Last time I was there they had three different chocolate desserts. I managed two of them but I have unfinished business with the third… So I, for one, will definitely be going back. And I highly recommend you give it a try, too.

Parker’s Tavern Afternoon Tea

Parker's Tavern Bar

The Parker’s Tavern Afternoon Tea will take you on a historic journey through Cambridge… Every element of the tea is linked with a historical element or event from the city’s long and interesting past. The Crayfish Pastry Boats pay homage to the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race that started in 1829 when a Cambridge undergraduate challenged a friend at Oxford to a rowing race. The trio of sandwiches are a nod to the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who studied at Trinity College and invented the humble sandwich.

Basil Gin at Cambridge Gin Lab

Located on Green Street, here you can buy, taste and learn everything you’ll ever need to know about gin. Even better, you can tailor your own gin to your preferences and tastes. Their herb infusions are second to none – the basil gin literally tastes like the fresh herb. Their gin and cocktails have an amazing clarity of flavour, as well as all the charms and quirks of Cambridge.

Curry from the Post Office

The Post Office on Derby Street has more to it than meets the eye. All the locals know about the incredible take away Indian curries sold in the corner of the shop. 

Calverley’s Brewery & Taproom

Calverleys Brewery

Just a stone’s throw away from Parker’s Tavern, this beer couldn’t be any more local! They brew all the beer on-site and host open tap nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Complete with food vans and music – sensational.

Cambridge Cheese Shop

I defy anybody to leave this shop empty-handed! After a visit to the Cambridge Cheese Shop, you are guaranteed to wake up with a cheese hangover the next day. They offer an amazing selection of chilli sauces, perfectly paired with the local artisan cheeses or hand-picked European cheeses.


A great local bar that embodies one man’s passion for wine and beer on Chesterton Road. Thirsty Sam is the most passionate man who personally sources all his stock, so you won’t put anything but delicious to your lips. On top of the bar, Sam runs great pop-ups around the city. Currently there is a beer garden in the church opposite Kettle’s Yard – somehow Sam manages to make sure it is always sunny. He puts it down to having a contract with the man upstairs…

Steak & Honour

Steak & Honour

Every town has its best burger joint and this is ours. Located on Wheeler Street, visitors can get their fix at the restaurant or from their distinctive and recognizable Citroen vans that serve at different spots around Cambridge.

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