5 of the Best DIY Baking Kits
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5 of the Best DIY Baking Kits

From rainbow bagels to Nutella brownies

Whether lockdown turned you into a pro in the kitchen or you need a bit of a helping hand, these DIY baking kits ensure a delicious end result. 

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Best DIY Baking Kits

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Cupcake decorating kit

Nationwide Decorating Kits, The Hummingbird Bakery

Fancy yourself a pro cake decorator? Even if you don’t, The Hummingbird Bakery’s cupcake decorating kits will make you a whizz with a palette knife in no time. These kits are the bakery’s first nationwide offering, and include a selection baked cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles (you can opt for a frosting palette knife to come with it if you don’t have one at home). The handy how-to guide that accompanies the kit will also teach you how to achieve the perfect ‘The Hummingbird Swirl’, but no one will judge you if you’re eager to just get stuck and do things your own way. This kit makes for a perfect afternoon activity with friends and family, and the reward for all your decorating efforts – read: the cupcakes themselves – is so worth it. From £23, hummingbirdbakery.com

Primrose Bakery

Various Kits, Primrose Bakery

Remember the cupcake hype of the late Noughties? It originated with Primrose Bakery’s divine pastel-coloured creations. The bakery is still going strong, and now offers DIY baking kits for some of its best creations. Create a show-stopping five-layer rainbow cake or a selection of colourful vanilla cupcakes, with all the dry ingredients, a step-by-step recipe card, decorations and a pallet knife included in each box. primrose-bakery.co.uk

GAIL'S Cinnamon Buns

Bake at Home Cinnamon Buns, Gail’s

The cinnamon buns from Gail’s are legendary for a reason – and now you can create your own at home. The best bit? The process couldn’t be easier, particularly as there’s a handy step-by-step video to watch online. £16, gailsbread.co.uk

Lola's Cupcakes Baking Kits

Cookies & Cream Kit, Lola’s Cupcakes

All cake lovers know that anything with Oreos in is a sure-fire winner – and the Cookies & Cream cake from Lola’s Cupcakes is no exception. This handy kit comes with freshly baked sponge, chocolate ganache, buttercream and Oreos – plus some handy tools, such as a palette knife, cake board and presentation box. £37.99, lolascupcakes.co.uk

Rainbow Bagel Bread Kit, Honeywell Bakes

Rainbow Bagel Bread Kit, Honeywell Bakes

If you’re after an Instagram-friendly bake, this rainbow bagel bread kit from Honeywell Bakes certainly fits the bill. Inside you’ll find all the pre-weighed ingredients for a set of colourful bagels – all you need to do is add water, bake and eat. Remember to get that all-important snap before tucking in. £17, honeywellbakes.com