3 Seasonal Cocktail Recipes to Warm You Up This Autumn

By Charlie Colville

8 months ago

Here's a few ways to stay toasty this Autumn

Anticipating the beginnings of autumn – of candles, blankets and cosy nights in? Add a little bit of spice to your home celebrations with these autumn cocktail recipes from The George and The Cadogan Arms (and thank us later with a toast).

3 Autumn Cocktails To Try This Season

Irish Coffee

This recipe from The George is bound to warm your right through (and put a spring in your step).

Irish Coffee cocktail


  • 35ml of Irish Whiskey
  • 70ml  of filter coffee (strong instant will do)
  • 15ml of Guinness Reduction OR one heaped teaspoon of sugar


Add all the ingredients to a glass, then float double cream on top over the back of a spoon and grate nutmeg on top to finish.

Mulled Wine

This festive classic comes from The Cadogan Arms, and will get you well-prepared for December shenanigans.

Mulled Wine cocktail

Makes 8 glasses


  • One bottle of red wine
  • 100ml of brandy or cognac
  • Four tablespoons of caster sugar
  • Juice of one lemon and one orange
  • One orange and one lemon cut into slices
  • Two cinnamon sticks
  • Two star anise
  • Six cloves


Add all ingredients to a saucepan and heat up until hot.

Hot Toddy

Some like it hot –so dial things up a bit with The Cadogan Arms’ take on a Hot Toddy.

Hot Toddy cocktail


  • 35ml of Irish whiskey
  • 10ml of honey
  • 20ml of lemon juice
  • One slice of fresh ginger
  • One slice of lemon, studded with cloves


Add all ingredients to a cup and add 70ml boiling water.

Images courtesy of The Cadogan Arms & The George