This pioneering brand is fighting food waste, one curvy cucumber at a time. From stressed asparagus to out-of-season sprouts, Oddbox rescues and redistributes imperfect or surplus fruits and vegetables. Their mission revolves around transforming the way consumers perceive produce by embracing the uniqueness and character of “odd” fruits and veggies that might be overlooked by traditional retailers. Through a subscription box model, Oddbox directly delivers these rescued items to customers, thereby reducing food waste in the supply chain. The brand collaborates closely with farmers and suppliers, speaking to them each week to find out what they’ve already grown and what’s going spare.


  1. Rescued 40k tons of fruits and vegetables, ensuring freshness and reducing waste, supporting local communities and sustainable practices.
  2. Donated the equivalent of 10 million meals to charities, addressing hunger and fostering social responsibility with impactful contributions.
  3. Achieved a remarkable 93.1 B-Corp score, showcasing commitment to ethical business practices, environmental responsibility and social impact.
  4. Secured a prestigious five-star rating at the Zero Waste Awards, recognising excellence in sustainable initiatives and waste reduction efforts.
  5. Attained a notable milestone: 92% of packaging was plastic-free in 2022, demonstrating dedication to eco-friendly practices and environmental conservation.

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B Corp: B Corp Certification is a rigorous and holistic certification demonstrating that your business is meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, verified by transparency and accountability requirements. Brands have to recertify every three years.