Lick’s Colour Palette Of The Year 2024 Has Been Announced – And It’s A Green Fingers’ Dream

By Tessa Dunthorne

9 months ago

The colour palette of the year celebrates biophilia and new beginnings

Designer paint brand Lick has announced its Colour Palette Of The Year 2024. This year’s palette brings a dose of optimism, celebrating new beginnings and a bright future. It was decided in conjunction with director of interior design and colour psychologist Tash Bradley, and – as we found ourselves searching ‘biophilia’ 21 percent more often this year – is a selection of colours that roots us in nature even inside our homes

What Is Lick’s 2024 Colour Palette Of The Year?

Every year, Lick release a colour palette which is designed to work harmoniously throughout your home, and embrace a certain ‘feeling’. The palette this year is inspired by three key feelings – so it contains grounding neutrals, energising reds and oranges, alongside uplifting blues and greens. We feel relaxed just reading that…

Grounding Neutrals

Lick's White 05 paint

Lick’s White 05, @KidOfTheVillage

Lick’s director of interior design and colour psychologist, Tash Bradley, says that previously very popular grey-neutrals are being swapped in 2024 for warmer colours. ‘Yellow-based neutrals are enduring and timeless, subtle and soothing,’ she says, ‘and they pair beautifully with the fresher, more vibrant colours in our palette.’ The grounding neutrals in the palette are:

  • White 05: A stone, creamy white with warm yellow undertones. White 05 is a comforting neutral that will create a nurturing space to relax in.
  • Beige 02: The colour of the earth and wood. Beige 02 is solid, dependable and totally cocooning. Beige 02’s warming yellow undertones will envelop and comfort you, whilst connecting you to the outdoors from the safety of your home.
  • Beige 03: A soft, earthy beige with grey and yellow undertones, Beige 03 has a grounding quality that will make your space feel balanced and comforting, putting you at ease.’

Energising Reds & Oranges

Lick's Red 03

Lick’s Red 03, @emhlondon

Reds make your heart beat faster, interiors editor Carole Annett found out recently. And, according to Tash, vibrant hues like red and orange are social colour which can stimulate and energise us – all the while sparking conversation. ‘Both colours, when introduced as accent colours in a home, create a focal talking point, lending themselves particularly well to ceilings,’ Tash says. The reds and orange in the palette are:

  • Orange 05: An optimistic, peachy orange with warm yellow and white undertones; Orange 05 is your go-to colour for a dose of joy and excitement. The colour of community and social interaction, this zesty orange is both physically and emotionally stimulating, adding a burst of energy to our 2024 colour palette.
  • Red 03: A deep, dusky red with warm pink and brown undertones, Red 03 is rich and full of character. Equal parts grounding and physically stimulating, this earthy terracotta will lightly energise you.’

Uplifting Blues & Greens

Lick's Green 08

Lick’s Green 08

Greens can be particularly calming colours, and boost your mood as though you were in nature – plus, for plant lovers, it’s a solid way of creating a thematic biophilic space. ‘I’ve seen more and more clients leaning towards fresher blues and greens due to their uplifting, contemporary feel,’ Tash says, ‘they make a room feel bigger, brighter and leave you feeling refreshed when you’re around them.’ The uplifting blues and greens in the palette are:

  • Blue 03: An uplifting, light blue with warm green undertones. The drop of green in Blue 03 connects you to nature, giving it a calming quality for a room that puts you at ease.
  • Green 08: A revitalising mid-green with yellow and blue undertones, Green 08 is fresh and minty, creating a space that awakens you and helps you feel open-minded and energised.
  • Green 14: A fresh, warm green with balanced yellow and grey undertones. Restful yet rejuvenating, Green 14 will connect you to nature and bring a new lease of life into your space.’