Lighting Inspiration For All Of Your Home

By Tessa Dunthorne

11 months ago

Hopefully this will spark an idea...

Stuck for inspiration for lighting? No fear, we’ve got top tips from interior designers James and Saskia from Howark Design, and we’ve put together a moodboard for the entire home, drawing inspiration from the best homeware and lighting brands. From statement ceiling lights and elegant lanterns, to cool lamps and bare bulbs, we’ve got you covered. The journey to the perfect home lighting for every room begins here…

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Interiors Inspiration: Ideas For Lighting

TM Lighting

Top Tips For Lighting From Interior Designers

James and Saskia from Howark Design suggest…

Less is More

‘If you are installing down lights try and be sparing and selective in the use of these. While it might seem like a great idea to have as many as possible a ceiling full of downlights creates an overwhelming and very flat lighting scheme. Far better to have few well positioned spots for example above sinks and work kitchen preparation areas where they are needed. We would also suggest having fittings with a deep bevel so the actual lamp is hidden so reduce glare and create a softer light.’

Don’t Be Blue

‘One of the quickest way you can improve any lighting is to change any cool white or blue tone light bulbs for warm white. It’s amazing what a difference this can make and even the most beautiful interior will be left feeling cold and washed out with a cool white bulb. Go for Kelvin 2700 for warm white to create a cosy and inviting look.’

Layer and Layer Again

‘A room with layered lighting will work well for many different uses throughout the day and evening. Good task lighting in the ceiling and reading lamps and table lamps for cosy corner and evening entertaining can be combined to change the mood as needed. Having different sources of light means you can control the mood as you need.’

Make It A Feature

‘A beautiful feature lamp or pendant can really bring a dramatic and beautiful focal point to a room. This can be particularly helpful if the room doesn’t have an obvious focal feature like a fireplace. An antique or vintage  pendant can really set the tone for a room.’

Get the Height Right

‘An easy way to add character to a space is to have lighting set at different heights. If you’ve got a feature pendant over a dining table, set it a little lower, no one is standing underneath it so you don’t need to worry about head height so much, and bringing the light closer to the table will add intimacy to the space.  Wall lights draw your eye down, and set at eye level can add interest to otherwise bare walls.’

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