Louise Bradley: Exceptional Design To Transform Our Wellbeing

By CTH Editors

5 months ago

Louise Bradley is a Great British Brand 2024

Louise Bradley is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Louise Bradley: Great British Brand 2024

Louise Bradley Interiors

‘Much has happened since I started my business 33 years ago – there have been highs, lows, recessions, a pandemic, and now AI – but the one constant has been my desire to create refined interiors that exceed expectations and deliver timeless, functional homes that enhance people’s lifestyles.

Achieving this is a process that first involves meeting people to take a brief. Sometimes they have only a vague vision of what they are hoping to create, so intuition and instinct are needed. It’s a designer’s privilege to interpret, articulate and ultimately bring dreams to life. We try to get to the heart of what makes people happy – the colours that help them relax, the textures that comfort them – and from there design a space that reflects their lives and who they are.

We provide a concept to completion service, which includes all aspects of design, spatial planning, interior architecture and bespoke soft furnishings. We work on properties of all sizes, from bijoux apartments to historic estates, both in the UK and overseas.

Resilience, adaptability and innovation are key to our longevity: we reimagine the LB Furniture Collection, adding new products, each year, and in 2021, I published my first book, Interior, celebrating 30 years of designing unique homes. Building strong relationships is essential: we have several clients who’ve been with us for decades, and we’ve worked on multiple homes for them.

I’ve always made good use of technology, championing it within the studio, and encouraging the team to engage with new developments, including design tools that can improve efficiencies and help with 3D visualisations or product design and ChatGPT. AI will certainly reveal ground-breaking ways of working, but it will never substitute for the close relationships we have with clients and suppliers, and our continued curiosity or creativity in design.’

Louise Bradley, founder

A living room designed by Louise Bradley

Five Proudest Moments

  1. Opening our first showroom in Walton Street, in Chelsea, London, in 1991. It was an enormous high and for months, I felt a rush of adrenaline each time I walked in.
  2. The launch of our first LB Furniture Collection in 2005. It was such an exciting expansion, and it really helped us to consolidate the LB look.
  3. Taking premises in 2009 within London’s Brompton Cross Design Studio and Showroom. It’s home to other leading international design companies so is perfect for us.
  4. Celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2021 with the release of my first book, Interior, which gives insights into the creative thinking behind some of our most notable projects.
  5. The longevity of the relationships we have built with our clients over the past 30 years is a source of enormous pride. Some have been with me since the start.

What I’ve Learnt…

  • Excellent design has the power to transform not only our surroundings but also our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • If you are clear in your vision, external factors can prove to be the challenge you need to succeed.
  • Those who hire us are at the heart of our business; exceeding their expectations is always our primary aim.

A living room


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