The Prettiest Cocktail Glasses For Every Mix

By Rebecca Cox

6 months ago

What’s the right cocktail glass for your drink?

Apparently, there are more important considerations when choosing a cocktail glass than which ones are the prettiest. According to the experts, when it comes to serving cocktails, the type of glass you use can impact the drinking experience, from enhancing the aroma to the flavour. So, choosing the right cocktail glass is essential. Not sure where to start? Let’s walk through the different types, (and where to find the prettiest ones on the market, old and new, because we think that’s just as important). 

What are the different types of cocktail glasses?

There are several types of cocktail glasses, each one originally designed to house a specific drink. The most common include: coupe glasses, martini glasses, highballs, rocks glasses, collins glasses and copper mugs (or mule mug). 

Which cocktail glass is right for your drink?

Coupe Glasses

These pretty retro designs are ideal for champagne cocktails and other bubbly drinks. Coupe glasses have a wide, shallow bowl that allows for bubbles to form, and they can also be used for still cocktails such as the classic sidecar.

Martini Glasses

Probably the most iconic cocktail shape, the martini glass is known for its iconic “v” shaped design. They’re traditionally used for serving vodka cocktails such as martinis and cosmopolitans.

Highball Glasses

These tall glasses are ideal for gin and tonics and other spirit mixers, with space for plenty of ice to keep the drink cool, with a narrow top to concentrate the taste and aroma of the mix.

Rocks Glasses

These short glasses are also known as old-fashioned glasses, and are perfect for neat spirits served on the rocks of mixes like negronis served over one or two large blocks of ice.

Collins Glass

This is the longest glass, allowing for ice-heavy mixes in a narrow, tall design. They’re used for mixes like a mojito or a Tom Collins.

Copper Mugs

Traditionally used for Moscow Mules, these copper mugs are ideal for keeping cocktails cold.

Where can you find good vintage glassware?

The good news is that vintage crystalware and glassware is one of the easiest homeware items to buy second-hand. It’s easier to find one-offs than matching sets, so why not start building a mix-and-match set of unique and beautiful designs? Start at your local charity shop, antique shop or car boot sale and then try online at eBay, Etsy , or Narchie. For something that will stand out from the the crowd, opt for a pretty colourful design, or gold-embellished glassware. 

Some New & Pre-Loved Cocktail Glasses We Love

Pair of Portieux Vallerysthal Turquoise Blue Milk Glass Opaline Champagne Coupes