The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective Shares Hat Inspiration For 2023
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The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective Shares Hat Inspiration For 2023

Whether you’re a fan of the races or not, it doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the hats

Ascot is upon us, and it’s time to sort out your crowning glory – your hat. With events taking place from Tuesday 20–Saturday 24 June 2023, there is no finer occasion to step out of your joggers and into a world of sartorial elegance. Now in its ninth year, the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is here to help with a selection of 10 Ascot hats for the season.

The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective Shares Hat Inspiration For 2023

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your race day ensemble? Well, you’re in luck: Ascot Racecourse and Fenwick have joined forces once again to present the 2023 edition of the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective. Created in collaboration with 10 talented milliners from all over the world, this year’s presentation is a celebration of innovative millinery and individual style.

Featuring designers from the UK, US and Australia, the milliners taking part include Stephen Jones OBE, Rachel Trevor Morgan, William Chambers, John Boyd, Awon Golding, Velvet and Tonic, Rachel Henry, Alexandra Harper, Sally Ann Provan and Sarah Sokol.

Woman lined up in colourful outfits and grand hats

The 10 looks offer dressing inspiration that spans multiple enclosures, from formal styles befitting the Royal Enclosure to more playful designs that would sit right at home in the Queen Anne and Village Enclosures.

A campaign has been created in collaboration with world-renowned photographer Damian Foxe and his stylist partner Elad Bitton, offering a more playful take on the updated Ascot dress code. Bitton curated the looks using a combination of Fenwick’s SS23 collection and luxury vintage pieces from Fenwick of Bond Street.

Woman lined up in colourful outfits and grand hats

‘We are thrilled to work with Fenwick once again to shine a light on the wearable art that is millinery,’ said Felicity Barnard, Commercial Director at Ascot Racecourse. ‘Whether opting to re-wear a much loved hat or purchasing a new headpiece, both Royal Ascot and millinery are innately intertwined. We will see an abundance of spectacular hats and headwear on display this summer and the 2023 Millinery Collective gives “dress to impress” an entirely new meaning. With creations from both established and emerging milliners – including a USA-based designer for the first time ever – the diverse range of designs act as inspiration and encouragement to explore the creative world of millinery.’

‘This year’s Millinery Collective features some of the most exciting design talent from around the world, both established iconic names, and emerging milliners already making a name for themselves,’ added Leo Fenwick, Head of Brand & Community at Fenwick. ‘Our current Fenwick brand campaign celebrates the joy of individuality and these one-off, truly unique pieces perfectly encapsulate this spirit. Having just launched our virtual personal shopping millinery experience, our customers are now able to shop the millinery collective under the guidance of resident Fenwick millinery expert Mr Tony and his team wherever they are in the world.’

Ascot Hat Inspiration

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Woman wearing black hat and black and white dress

Stephen Jones OBE


‘Inspiration: A swooping wing of glamour with the playful addition of polka dots. This hat is a bold and stark vision of a new Royal Ascot era with a modern nod to classic notions of femininity and beauty. It is a piece defined by shape but also layered with depths of dreamy beguiling details.’

Woman wearing floral headpiece and patterned dress

Rachel Trevor Morgan


‘The inspiration for Rosanthe comes from climbing flowers in an English country garden. Known for our handmade silk flowers Rosanthe is made with apricot silk handmade trailing roses. Following on from The Coronation celebrations, this year’s Royal Ascot is going to be a truly stunning event. Big bold prints are everywhere and millinery is set to mirror this trend with colourful florals and drama. When choosing your Ascot hat, be bold and step out of your comfort zone. With everyone wearing hats, you’ll regret it if you don’t.’

Woman in pink dress with floral headpiece

Rachel Henry Millinery

Drama Girl. ‘Camellia japonica’

‘My home state of Victoria was declared the garden state in 1976 and is home to many rare plants in its state wide network of botanical gardens. The state rose garden provides inspiration through its spectrum of colours and structures that, while manicured, produce displays that incorporate height and volume in an organic showcase. I have sought to harness the energy of this sensory wonderland with the use of bright, fuchsia pink feather roses. My piece celebrates the beauty and individuality found within nature.’

Woman in yellow dress with purple bag and orange fascinator

Alexandra Harper Millinery

‘Heart of Fire’

‘A special edition orange pillbox-style headpiece with hand-beaded dégradé faux pearls and crinoline swirls in fire-shades. Don’t forget to have fun with millinery! These are not your everyday accessories, so embrace the exuberance, the frivolity and the outlandishness of Royal Ascot millinery. But keep it chic, and make sure you’re expressing your own personal style. Hats are fashion – try to capture the moment and the mood, and use a hat to complement and round out your look – don’t let it compete, let it enhance. Your hat doesn’t have to be huge to get attention. Don’t be afraid to try a smaller piece with amazing details that highlights your features and keeps your face open.’

Woman in feather coat and white and red hat

William Chambers

‘Paradise Coolie’

‘Royal Ascot is all about celebration and fantasy, so don’t shy away from making a bold statement with your hat. It’s your time to shine!’

Woman in pastel suit and large hat with flowers

John Boyd

‘English Rose’

‘For us, Royal Ascot is the highlight of the year. It allows us to push the boundaries of hat making and let our imaginations run wild. After long winter hours of working on millinery flights of fancy, finally we can set them free and watch them come alive in the most fabulous of settings. My piece was inspired by the elegance of past eras, our wide sweeping brim frames the face, with tumbling leaves and frothy silk flowers drawing attention to the wearer’s eyes.’

Woman in blue dress and hat

Sarah Sokol

‘Blue Flame’

‘My piece emerged from a desire to bring my signature big-brim style into the language of couture racing headwear. As I began layering the concentric, teardrop-shaped brims, the hat blossomed into its beautiful flower shape. I chose my colour way for the blue centre of a flame where it burns the brightest. As with many milliners in the States, I’m nostalgic for a time when headwear was a key part of everyday attire. Every year I see more vitality return to the world of millinery fashion. We see hats more and more on red carpets, runways and everyday life. People will always want to find unique ways to stand out. A great hat can provide a safe shelter under which an introvert can feel fabulous, and extroverts can fly their creative flags high with any design they can imagine. The beautiful thing about hats is they are, and have always been, the finishing touch on any outfit. But they can also be the inspiration.’

Woman in black suit with pink shirt and headpiece

Awon Golding

‘Blushing Birds’

The inspiration for this piece is a flock of rose-breasted cockatoos in flight. Movement, lightness and a sense of drama are at the heart of this sculptural hat. The birds are made from lightweight ombre origami crinoline, suspended around the head by wire so they appear in flight. The base is a luminous pink silk covered headband. Royal Ascot is back in 2023 with unabashed verve so you can expect to see the fashion mirroring this energy and spirit. Hats will be big and flamboyant, reflecting the joy of the week.

Woman in black hat, sunglasses and a trench coat

Sally Ann Provan


‘Pirouette is the whirl of a dancer’s skirts as she spins on point, and the swirl of leaves spiralling on a blustery day. I wanted to achieve a sense of lively flowing movement using my signature origami flowers and openwork leaves to create an elegant timeless couture piece with a balance of tones and shapes. A hat should always be reflective of and be an extension of your personality. It’s a wonderful opportunity to dress up and express an aspect of yourself and your personal style, the right hat will always make you look and feel fantastic. The adage about you wearing the hat, not the hat wearing you still holds true!’

Woman in big white hat

Souri Sengdara

‘Idle Peace’

‘I want my designs to create a more beautiful world, to celebrate diversity and inspire change. Saddened by the state of the world sometimes, I was inspired to design ‘Idle Peace’ as my interpretation of the peace dove with its olive branch. Wear fashion to inspire and evoke emotion.’

Where Can You Shop Royal Ascot Hats For 2023?

The full Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is available to shop exclusively at Fenwick of Bond Street from Thursday 20 April 2023. All fashion featured is available in store at Fenwick and online at

You can book a Fenwick Millinery Personal Shopping appointment at

For more inspiration, our Ascot style guide has got you covered.

Images courtesy of the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective