10 Beautiful Bridal Veils For Every Bride

By Charlie Colville

2 years ago

An iconic 'I do' accessory made for the aisle

There’s hundreds of ways to dress up your wedding gown, from bouquets and sashes to hairpins killer heels. But there’s one that’s stood the test of time all the way through: the humble veil. While once a (rather outdated) symbol of modesty and purity, today’s veils are just as contemporary as the people wearing them. One thing’s for sure though, the meaning of a veil is different for every bride. Whether short or long, white or rainbow, plain or peppered with beads and crystals, there’s something out there for all of us. Shop our edit of the best bridal veils below, featuring picks from Elie Saab and Molly Goddard, as well as rental options from By Rotation and HURR Collective.

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Beautiful Bridal Veils For Every Bride

Woman's black covered with petal veil

Featured image: Halfpenny London