This Old School Handbag Is Making A Summer Comeback

By Charlie Colville

2 weeks ago

Pulling this trend off is a cinch

It’s an age-old dilemma; summer rolls around, you crack out your best sundress and, suddenly, you need somewhere to put all the things you usually cram into your trouser pockets. The first call to action is finding a good handbag – but which one is fit for the season? We have it on good authority that cinch bags are set to be the next big thing in arm candy.

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Cinch Bags Are Officially Hot For Summer

If recent runway styling has taught us a thing or two, it’s that today’s brands love a chunky, oversized bag. But, amongst the throng of supersized totes, briefcases and handbags, we’re noticing a new trend: compact, drawstring bags. While once synonymous with PE kits, gym holdalls and school lunch sacks, the newly dubbed cinch bag is set to be one of the biggest trends of the summer – and we’ve got proof.

@jimmychoo What would Sydney Sweeney pack in her Cinch bag for a road trip?   #JimmyChoo #SydneySweeney #Summer2024 ♬ original sound – Jimmy Choo

Picture the scene: it’s the middle of nowhere, the sun blazes over a vintage gas station, and a woman stands to the side as she fill up the tank of her cream convertible. Funnily enough, she has a bag slung over her shoulder in a matching ivory hue. The woman is none other than actress Sydney Sweeney. She’s the face of luxury accessories label Jimmy Choo’s summer campaign, and in her hand is a refreshing take on the classic cinch bag.

It’s safe to say we’re rather obsessed with the campaign (and rightly so), but we’re not the only ones that seem to be gravitating to this specific style of handbag this season. Celebrities have been quick to take up the cinch – including actress Sienna Miller, who was spotted carrying another Jimmy Choo piece.


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The new Jimmy Choo cinch sits at a rather spicy price point at just under £1,500 a pop, but the compact design, sleek drawstring and combination of fun and classic colourways offer an intriguing look at how this once-humble handbag is set up for a luxury evolution. We can only wait to see how others follow suit.

The Jimmy Choo Cinch Bag

White handbag

Jimmy Choo

Cinch M Latte Leather Bag, £1,495

Cow print bag

Jimmy Choo

Cinch M Rose Cow Print Bag, £1,650


More Cinch Bags

Rose gold bag


Mini 22 Bag in Shiny Bronze, £5,450

White bag


White Kenny Leather Shoulder Bag, £875

Black cinch bag


Mon Trésor Bucket Bag, £848.59

Basket handbag


Peggy Bag, £390.55

Green bag

Valentino Garavani

Mini Bucket Bag In Mint, £960

Rhinestone bag

Miu Miu

Black Crystal-Embellished Bag, £2,000


Featured image: Jimmy Choo