The Most Stylish Corduroy Trousers For Men
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The Most Stylish Corduroy Trousers For Men

Look at those cords

Not feeling denim today? When the occasion doesn’t call for jeans, joggers or slacks, consider hopping into a pair of cords – the academic’s suit trousers. Perfect for the crisp air of autumn and the chillier days of winter, corduroy trousers are a flexible wardrobe staple that can take you through the seasons in styles. These are the best corduroy trousers for men on the market right now.

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What Are Corduroy Trousers?

Featuring raised ‘cords’ or wales, corduroy trousers a type of textured pants that known for their durability (and popularity amongst hipsters). While predominantly associated with British country clothing, corduroy has carved itself a niche as a cold weather street style staple.

3 Ideas: How To Wear A Corduroy Trousers

1. Sophisticated Academic

The classic way to wear corduroys? Commit to the bit and go full academic with a belt, loafers and a simple shirt (bonus points if it’s a button-up), best spliced together in autumnal tones and neutrals.

2. Relaxed Vibes

Not a loafers kind of guy? Not to worry. Corduroys can easily be dressed down with a slouchy jumper and trainers – just look to Oscar Isaac for inspiration – for a more relaxed take.

3. Double Denim Corduroy

Those who can’t get enough of their corduroy can double up with a matching shirt or jacket (or shacket, even), preferably in the same colour for a coordinated ensemble. The beauty of this style in particular is that it can work for both casual and more dressy events depending on your choice of footwear and accessories.

The Most Stylish Corduroy Trousers For Men

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Green-blue pants

Sies Marjan

Turquoise Corduroy Striped Pants (Size 28), £77

Beige folded pants


Brown Corduroy Trousers (Size 38), £243

Close up of legs in red trousers

New & Lingwood

Orange Single Pleat 8 Wale Corduroy Trousers, £225

Brown pants


Highgate Cord Trousers, £74.95

Man in grey top and jacket with black corduroy trousers


Double Pleat Corduroy Trouser, £245

Champagne coloured trousers


Men’s Cotton And Linen Double Buckle Cord Trousers, £595


Man in brown blazer and navy cord trousers

House Of Bruar

Single Pleat Cord Trousers, £69.95

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