Ukrainian Designer Ivan Frolov On His Debut LFW Solo Show

By Charlie Colville

10 months ago

FROLOV will be taking to the runway on Saturday 16 September

London has long been considered a global hub, where designers from all backgrounds can share their creative spirit with enthusiastic audiences. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the city has also become one of many temporary homes for Ukrainian Fashion Week. Integrated into the official London Fashion Week schedule, fashion week in the UK capital now sees multiple Ukrainian designers – like Ivan Frolov, founder of FROLOV – take to the runway. Ahead of his SS24 show, we sat down with Ivan to find out what we can expect from the designer this season.

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Ivan Frolov On His Debut LFW Solo Show

Ivan Frolov

Ivan Frolov

Hi Ivan, how’s life right now?

I’ve been extremely busy preparing for London Fashion Week. It’s a very important event for us, and we’ve been working tirelessly to perfect every detail. It’s been a month of sleepless nights, but we hope it will all be worth it!

For those unfamiliar with your brand, tell us about yourself and FROLOV.

I’m Ivan, the founder and creative director of the Ukrainian brand FROLOV. My surname sounds almost like ‘for love’, which is the essence of our brand. FROLOV explores various forms of love, boudoir, passion, naivety, boldness, intelligence, depth, and art. We create couture-to-wear pieces in the heart of Kyiv, where both I and FROLOV as a brand were born.

As London Fashion Week approaches, what do you love most about this time of year?

Despite the busy schedule, this period helps to become more organized, focused, and prioritize what matters most. It’s the moment when we finally get to showcase the collection we’ve worked on for so long.

Models on runway


This is your second time at London Fashion Week, and your first solo show. How are you feeling?

I’m incredibly proud to have our debut solo show at London Fashion Week. Given the challenges Ukraine faces due to the Russian war against my country, it’s even more vital to showcase our culture and talents. I’m grateful to the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week for providing us with this platform.

Tell us about your upcoming SS24 collection and its inspirations.

Our collection, MOLODA (Ukrainian for ‘young girl’), represents youthfulness, energy and freedom. One of its many inspirations was drawn from stone and cement sculptures by Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova, which led us to use grey roses to adorn sculpture-like silhouettes. The collection also features FROLOV’s signature corsets with specially designed Swarovski® crystals, marking our partnership as the first Ukrainian Swarovski® ingredient brand.

How did the design process come together?

The design process is continuous hard work that brings the vision to life. This time, it was accompanied with songs of the Ukrainian variety music scene of the 70s, like ‘A Red Rose’, ‘Chestnuts are falling’ by Yulia Pashkovska, ‘My Love’ by Lina Prohorova and ‘In the Valley, The Fog’ by Mykola Kondratiuk. These songs capture the collection’s spirit of playfulness, youth and freedom.

What can we expect from the show?

I won’t reveal all the secrets, but the audience will be part of the show. We’ve created special heart-shaped hand mirrors that double as accessories, reflecting our collection’s theme of strength and resilience. So they will help to connect the audience with the show even more.

Close up of models on runway


How has the planning experience differed from last year’s group presentation?

While sharing responsibilities was easier in a group, having a solo show demands more attention to every detail. It’s incredibly rewarding and allows us to showcase our unique vision.

Why did you choose the Bulgari Hotel as your venue?

The location is perfect, with our show taking place in the hotel’s Cinema. It’s a dream place that aligns perfectly with what we envisioned.

What’s next for FROLOV in 2023/2024?

Our primary goal is global expansion, starting with Paris Fashion Week right after London. However, our top priority is securing Ukraine’s freedom and winning the war. Once that’s achieved, we’ll pursue our ambitious plans for FROLOV.

People holding up Ukraine flag

FROLOV SS23, Ivan Frolov (centre)

How do you balance life during these challenging times?

We call it a ‘war-life balance’ in Ukraine, but knowing that our brave warriors fight for us every day gives us strength. Their sacrifices put our challenges into perspective.

Any final words for our readers?

The war in Ukraine isn’t over, and we’re here to remind everyone. Please support Ukraine in any way you can – raising awareness, supporting Ukrainian talents and culture, and donating. Every small action matters. Thank you for standing with us in our pursuit of honesty and bravery. Glory to Ukraine!

Images courtesy of FROLOV