Are You ‘Jane Birkinifying’ Your Bag?

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

Do it like Jane Birkin

Bored of quiet luxury? If you like your fashion louder than a whisper, then you’ll probably enjoy TikTok’s latest trend: ‘Jane Birkinifying’ your bag. Here’s how to get in on it, plus where exactly it came from.

What Does It Mean To ‘Jane Birkinify’ Your Bag ?

If you’ve noticed celebrities and content creators lugging their bags, now covered in personal trinkets, out of the house, then you’ve already stumbled across the trend. ‘Jane Birkinifying’ your bag refers to the act of accessorising our accessories, in this case our bags, with charms, ribbons, stickers, badges and keychains that give it a more bespoke look – one that gives some insight into you specifically.

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The trend, which is inspired by British-French actress and singer Jane Birkin (aka, the namesake of the iconic Hermès Birkin bag), is set to reach its peak this season – as forecasted by the SS24 runway. The ‘Jane Birkin effect’ hit shows hard this season, with several collections featuring chunky, oversized bags decorated in charms and trinkets. ‘This season’s runway bags have been Bikinified,’ luxury rental membership service Switch said in a recent TikTok. ‘I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with Jane Birkin beating up her Birkin bags, shoving them full of things, having keychains, accessories on them and whatnot.

‘We saw them stuffed to the brim in Miu Miu shows, lathered in charms, beads and heavy metals – all looking very dishevelled but intentionally accessorised,’ Switch continued. ‘You can definitely expect to see an increase in resale value as dishevelled and beaten-in bags come to. I’m excited to see how more of these bags are styled in the streets and in the runways in the future.’

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And it appears that these runway choices are indeed having an impact on street style, with searches for the ‘Jane Birkin aesthetic’ jumping by 150 percent in the last three months alone – and searches for the term ‘Jane Birkinifying Bag’ creating a newly appreciated presence for itself on TikTok.

Where Does Jane Birkin Come In?

Jane Birkin is often credited as the OG influencer, having set many trends in her lifetime – many of which we still (evidently) adhere to today. We already know that she had a rather famous bag designed and named after her, but Birkin wasn’t one for sticking to simple, clean-cut designs that lacked personality.

Rather than keep her bags pretty and neatly displayed, she would use them – and show the signs of their use and ownership through her styling of the bag itself. Stickers, badges, keychains, ribbons and the occasional scuff were nods to the fact that the bag had lived a life alongside its owner, making it the ultimate personalised accessory.

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And so, the trend itself – of ‘Jane Birkinifying’ your bag – comes directly from the woman herself. It’s free-spirited, fun and distinctly unique, just like Birkin herself.

How To ‘Jane Birkinify’ Your Bag

The key to ‘Jane Birkinifying’ your bag is being as playful as possible – incorporating any trinkets you like when accessorising your handbag. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy or looks cluttered; that’s the point after all, being as chaotic and personal as possible.

‘Thanks to the playful, individualized nature of this trend, there’s no wrong way to approach it,’ adds Nia Davis, a designer for handbag label Fiorelli. ‘You don’t need a real designer bag to participate and can use any of your favourite leather or faux leather bags. As a nod to Jane Birkin, a tote bag is a great option, but shoulder bags and grab bags are also good choices.

‘There are plenty of ways to customize your bag, attaching your chosen accessories and trinkets to the handles, straps and zippers,’ she continues. ‘Play around with items you already have at home such as key chains, charms, badges and pins. You can also add some beads, pearls and chains, or, to align with the croquette aesthetic, incorporate ribbons and lace materials tied into bows.’

TikTok Inspiration

Fancy giving it a go? We’ve gathered some inspiration from across TikTok to help give you a head-start:

@christy_ix Replying to @Melanie Li DIY birkinfying my bag🪄👜 #pinterestbags #bagcharms #charmbracelets #brooklyncharm #charmnecklace #greenscreen ♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

@monsteriousb00bi3s #greenscreen been wanting to try this forever #janebirkin ♬ cant get you out of my head. – 🦆

@valeriafride in honor of the absolute queen ♡ jane birkin-fying my bag because it makes it more me and so unique #janebirkinbag #janebirkininspired #bagdecoration #bagcharms ♬ Bossa Nova / cafe / food comfortable with a guitar – MATSU

@yaangi777 my own version jane birkified bag 😎 #janebirkin #janebirkinbag #whatsinmybag #miffy #coquette #brandymelville #bagtour ♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

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Featured image: Kevin Laminto, Unsplash