How To Get Hollywood-Approved Birkin Bangs

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

Old school chic never goes out of style

Throwback trends are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to hair. We’ve had the mullet, box bob and even The Rachel on our radar so far this year, but the next big hair trend we see taking hold is all about the fine details – more specifically, the fringe we’ll be sporting in 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about Birkin bangs, from what they are and who they are inspired by (hint, the clue’s in the name) to how to style them at home.

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What Are Birkin Bangs?

‘Birkin bangs are a soft style fringe that create a lived-in cool girl look without looking too done up,’ explains Molly Newell, a stylist at Neil Moodie Studio. Characterised by a soft, long fringe, Birkin bangs were named after British-French actress and singer, Jane Birkin, known fondly in pop culture history as one of the OG influencers and namesake of the iconic Hermès Birkin bag.

But back to fringes; Birking bangs tend to fall in and out of fashion pretty regularly, but this season they seem to be having quite a major renaissance. Molly suggests it’s because the fringe fits the trending soft girl aesthetic that’s been everywhere on TikTok. ‘Soft girl era is in,’ she tells us. ‘And we’re loving the effortless feel to hair right now, especially where it promotes this relaxed feminine look.’

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, 1976 (c) Umberto Prizzi via Wikimedia Commons

It’s also been touted as one of the burgeoning hair trends of 2024, with celebrities picking up Birkin bangs like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Jane Birkin was the first to embrace this chic French girl style, and now we can see it modernised by the likes of Suki Waterhouse (who been rocking this look for years).’ Other famous faces we’ve seen take on the fringe include Joey King, Anne Hathaway and – the woman we can’t seem to stop talking about – Taylor Swift.

What’s The Difference Between Curtain Bangs & Birkin Bangs?

Despite looking quite similar, the main difference between the two styles of fringe is the length and width of the cut. You’ll find that curtain bangs will have longer pieces at the ends that sit between mid-cheek and chin, with a fuller and heavier appearance. Birkin bangs, meanwhile, will sit tight around the eyes and brows, and feature thinner, wispier ends.

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How To Ask For Birkin Bangs At The Salon

As always, make sure to attend your salon appointment with plenty of reference photos demonstrating what aspects of the cut you like and would like to try out on your own hair. If you want something similar to the original Birkin bangs, then it’s worth taking in pictures of the woman herself, Jane Birkin – but if you’re after something a little more modern, then maybe look to some of the celebs we mentioned previously.

You can ask for Birkin bangs in the salon, says Molly. ‘When going into a salon you’ll want to ask for a soft outgrown looking fringe,’ she emphasises. ‘You’re kind of wanting this to be skimming your eyelids, with a wispy look to the ends of the fringe.’

Who Suits This Style?

‘Face shapes and hair texture all come into play with Birkin bangs,’ says Molly. ‘If you have a longer face shape and straighter hair this is a fabulous way to create shape around the face and give the hair body.’

It’s not just for straight hair, either, as Molly explains: ‘Depending on your curl pattern you may be able to achieve this look, but bear in mind it may have to be tweaked depending on your curl and the way your hair falls – but it can definitely be created in a similar way.’

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How To Style Birkin Bangs At Home

So, you’ve got the fringe – how’s best to style it at home? ‘Use a good larger round brush and a Velcro roller,’ recommends Molly. ‘Blow dry the fringe forward, in the way you want it to sit, then place a large roller to help give it the hold it needs to last the whole day. This will also prevent it splitting if you have cowlicks.’

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