5 Things You Missed From The Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Show

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

Plus, where to shop vintage Louis Vuitton while you wait for the SS24 collection to drop

If you hadn’t already heard (and we’re pretty sure the internet would have already let you know), last night was eagerly anticipated Louis Vuitton SS24 menswear show. The debut of the house’s new men’s creative director (and all-round pop culture icon) Pharrell Williams, the show took place in Paris and hosted a huge number of famous guests. Didn’t get a chance to watch? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up our favourite highlights below.

5 Things You Missed From The Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Show

1. The Sun Was Pharrell’s Muse

Models in yellow walking on runway

Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Collection

We may not think much of it on the daily (unless you count the days we curse it out during a heatwave), but the sun – and its symbolism as a universal source of life – was the main source of inspiration for Pharrell’s first LV menswear collection. Coined by the Louis Vuitton team as ‘a focal point for opportunity, responsibility and enhancement’, the sun signifies a new chapter for the brand. For Pharrell, it also represents ‘a guiding light’, from which he can learn, reflect and grow. Look out for the buttery yellow colour palette, as well as flashes of gold and shiny textural detailing that infuse the collection with rays of light.

2. The Setting Was A Love Letter To Virginia

Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Show on Pont Neuf

The show itself took place on the oldest bridge in Paris, the Pont Neuf. Cleared of pedestrians for the night, the makeshift runway has an excellent view of the nearby Louis Vuitton studios – but it was the bridge itself that drew Pharrell’s eye. The bridge, symbolically bringing two sides together, acted as a metaphorical connection between Paris and Pharrell’s home state, Virginia, presenting the road taken in his career from humble beginnings, through music, to fashion. The unification of Parisian and American ideals also came to life in the collection itself, through the intertwining of varsity jackets, tracksuits and knitwear with pearls, embroideries and the iconic LV monogram.

3. Dandyism Took Centre Stage

Models in suits walking on runway

Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Collection

While sporty looks made up one side of the collection, tailored silhouettes and classic cuts took up the other. Taking inspiration from the dandy – aka, the artfully groomed men’s style set of the 18th century – the collection sought to infuse modernity with classic suiting. Think pearl and crystal embellished detailing, flared trousers, collarless jackets and box-pleat shorts.

4. Damoflage Is The New Damier

Models walking on runway

Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Collection

Those familiar with the Louis Vuitton vernacular will know if its classic Damier chessboard graphic, brought to life in vibrant primary colours. The SS24 collection reimagines the Damier in two new ways: one, in an 8-bit motif created by American pixel artist ET Artist executed in print and embroidery, and two, in camouflage. The second is direct reference to Pharrell’s personal style, bringing a more muted colour palette to the classic Louis Vuitton pattern. You can see it pop up across clothing, footwear and accessories (especially on leather backpacks and trainer trunks).

5. The Show Was Packed With Celebrities

Jay-Z and Beyonce at Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Show

Jay-Z and Beyonce at Louis Vuitton SS24 Menswear Show (c) Louis Vuitton

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this many celebs in one spot (we lost count somewhere around the 50 mark), pulled from across the world to celebrate Pharrell’s first foray into the world of Louis Vuitton. Notable attendees included Beyoncé (who is currently working her way through the European leg of her Renaissance tour) and Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Zandaya, artist Takashi Murakami (who collaborated with the house for the first time last year), Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna (whose Louis Vuitton campaign post could be seen hung up on buildings throughout Paris).


If the highlights aren’t enough for you, you can watch the full show below:

Where To Shop Vintage Louis Vuitton

While we have quite a wait until the menswear SS24 collection drops in stores and online, you can dip your toes into the Louis Vuitton landscape in the meantime by exploring secondhand and vintage pieces from collections gone by. As one of the most renowned fashion houses of the 21st century (and having hit the £15 billion mark in sales last year), the value of vintage Louis Vuitton has sky-rocketed in recent years – and it shows no signs of stopping – making it a worthy investment if you can splash the cash. Here’s our pick of the best places to shop vintage Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton case

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton