How Red Became The Ultimate Accessory For 2024
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How Red Became The Ultimate Accessory For 2024

Meet the colour on everyone's arm this season

ICYMI: red is having a major moment this year. From the runway to the high street, we’re seeing all our favourite looks through rose-tinted glasses – splashed in shades of ruby, crimson and scarlet. We know sporting an all-red outfit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but rest assured that you can quite easily dip a toe in the water with a designer bag slung over your shoulder. Here’s how to channel 2024’s biggest colour trend, starting with women’s designer bags.

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Red Designer Bags Are The Must-Have Accessory Of 2024

The world of luxury bags is, like fashion, one driven by the trend cycle – but some fads manage to remain more enduring than others. Just look at the colour red; worn on the arms of women all over the world, red handbags are a staple accessory for many. A flash of colour on an otherwise dreary day, they can lift your mood (and your outfit) with minimal effort required on your part. Below, we highlight some of our favourite ways to wear red handbags this season, starting with small dashes to big splashes.

How To Wear Red

1. Monochrome Clash

Ease yourself into the trend – and create quite the statement – by teaming up a red bag with a monochromatic outfit made up of colourless neutrals like black, grey and white. Not only will this make your chosen arm candy stand out, it will also give you future ideas on how to add bold colours to a basics-led capsule wardrobe.


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2. Colour Pop

Now that you’re feeling more comfortable with a red designer bag on your arm, it’s time to up the ante. Give your outfit an added colour pop by wearing other red accessories alongside your bag; think tights, shoes, jewellery and hair clips that give your look an added layer of coordination.


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3. Colour Drench

Feeling brave? Tap into another of 2024’s hottest trends by going full bloom, with an outfit that piles red on red. Drenching your outfit in one colour is a bold move, but one that certainly pays off if you’re looking to make a statement – and the more closely aligned these shades are with one another, the better. Topped off with a pretty red bag, you’re on to a winner.


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4. Heart It

And for the bag itself – we’ve seen designers play with fun shapes throughout SS24 and AW24, with hearts coming out on top when it comes to bags (and proving that they aren’t solely reserved for Valentine’s Day). We love the idea of wearing your heart on you sleeve – or, in this case, on your shoulder.

5. Personalisation

Have your tried Jane Birkinifying your designer bag? If you want to make red your own this season, maybe you should. Fresh from TikTok, the trend sees bags covered in keychains, ribbons, stickers and badges in a bid to emulate British-French actress and singer (and OG influencer) Jane Birkin. When it comes to channelling the red accessories trend, this means layering up your red bag with personal trinkets – bonus points if these additions also feature a crimson hue.

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