Fancy Turning Your Festival Tent Into A Dress?

By Charlie Colville

11 months ago

Vintage Threads can help you do just that

The chaotic nature of festivals means that, unavoidably, one or two things tend to get left behind by the people who frequent them. At Glastonbury, it’s said that around 99 percent of festivalgoers take home their tents each year – but with over 210,000 attendees, that still leaves a couple thousand tents left behind. If you’re not sure what to do with you tent – or any of your old festival gear, for that matter – before binning it, consider giving it a revamp with Vintage Threads’ Rework programme.

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Vintage Threads Is Transforming Festival Tents Into Trendy Streetwear

Not sure what to do with your festival gear once the event has been and gone? Let Vintage Threads transform your tents into trendy new garms with its Rework programme. The vintage clothing retailer, known for its handpicked curations and quirky collections, is no stranger to breathing life back into pre-loved materials – and its Rework service allows customers to bring in old materials (clothing, tents or otherwise) to create bespoke clothing tailored to their style.

Woman in trench coat holding red bag

Reworked garments from Vintage Threads

The VT Rework platform already has an impressive following, with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Emma Chamberlain and Ellie Goulding all fans. The programme is also part of Vintage Threads’ zero-waste ethos, as well as its goal to make old materials ‘new’ again. This is your chance to get a one-of-a-kind piece – whether you fancy a dress, shirt or pair of shorts – that carries all of the good memories from festival season, too.

‘Rework at Vintage Threads is a very important part of what we do,’ says Freddie Rose, co-founder and owner of Vintage Threads. ‘Whether this be an old broken Gucci suitcase turned into a new biker jacket or your old festival tent turned into parachute trousers, we aim to create unique vintage pieces from your old items. During festival season, festival goers have damaged tents and don’t know what to do with them but we’re here to offer them a solution and a way to upcycle. We are able to create your outfit for the next festival season from your very own used, broken tent, fitting in perfectly with the current Gorpcore trend that our customers are loving for festival season.’

How Does The Vintage Threads Rework Programme Work?

1. Submit A Rework Request

If you’d like rework your beat-up festival tent (or any other old item of clothing), you can submit your request to the Vintage Threads team online or in person:

  1. Pop the team a DM online or via Vintage Threads’ official Instagram page. See @vintagthreads_ldn for more information.
  2. Take your items to the Vintage Threads store or VT stand in Selfridges and have a consultation with the team.

2. Agree On A Design

Now that you’ve got in touch with the team, the next step is collaboration. You’ll need to take your items in, and then work directly with the team to choose a redesign for your item. Once you’re happy, the in-house designer will work their magic to bring your idea to life. This is done for a fee (the team will give you an estimated rate during initial conversations), and the process can take a week or two depending on the size of the project.

3. Let The Designer Work Their Magic

Once your reworked design is ready, you can then collect your items. All that’s left to do is enjoy your completely unique clothing, tailored to you.


You can browse the curated collections on Vintage Threads (as well as its Reworked Collection) at

Featured image: Krists Luhaers, Unsplash