What To Wear To Pride 2023

By Charlie Colville

1 year ago

Show your Pride this summer with our style guide

Global Pride celebrations kick off this month, with parades taking place in a number of major cities – from Baltimore to Berlin, Sydney to Sao Paulo and Lisbon to London (mark 1 July in your calendars). If you’re celebrating this year, make sure you look and feel the part; here’s what to wear to Pride 2023.

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What To Wear To Pride 2023

Woman in rainbow dress

5 Ideas: What To Wear To Pride

A wonderful thing about Pride is how it encourages attendees to express themselves freely and celebrate their identities, creating a space where you can show off your style, creativity and allyship. This is an event dedicated diversity and inclusion, so as long as you’re proud and happy in your outfit, you’re good to go.

But if you still crave a little guidance for what to wear to Pride, fear not. We’ve rounded up some ideas below to get you started…

1. Rainbows

The undisputed uniform of the queer community, the humble rainbow is perhaps the most common go-to for Pride celebrations. Don your rainbows in sequins, stripes or feathers (inspiration below) or simply wrap a Pride flag around your shoulders so that it drapes behind you.

You’ll mostly see rainbows containing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in a nod to the original Pride flag. If you’d prefer to reference a more specific group, such as lesbian, trans or bisexual, you can simply tweak the colour palette of your rainbow to reflect your flag.

2. LGBTQ+ Slogan Shirts

It’s Pride, which means you’ll likely be running around a lot. If you’d prefer a more comfortable fit for the day, there’s the option of a good ol’ slogan tee. Pick a t-shirt that features empowering messages, slogans and quotes relating to the event. For example, this year’s Pride in London parade is all about trans allyship, with the slogan ‘Never March Alone’ taking centre stage.

3. Queer Icons

You can also dress up in costume for Pride, if you fancy getting creative. This is a chance to celebrate the historical, living and fictional LGBTQ+ icons who have shaped the community, and is also a really fun way to get involved.

4. Drag

Queens and Kings among us, this is your time to shine. Drag has been a huge part of queer expression and history, so it’s only right to big it up at Pride. Both amateur and professional drag artists are more than welcome to join in – bring on the makeup, wigs and glamorous outfits.

5. Gender Affirmation

Pride is all about celebrating the identity you connect with, across all genders. As such, you might want to wear clothing that better reflects your gender identity or challenges traditional gender norms – think skirts or dresses for people of all genders or outfits that incorporate gender-affirming colours and symbols.

Featured image: NIM, Unsplash