Why We’re Still Loving The 90s Bob

By Charlie Colville

1 month ago

Throwback tresses are all the rage

What happens when you combine nostalgia with the hottest hair trend right now? Well, in this case, you get the 90s bob. Here’s how to channel throwback mania, according to hair professionals.

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What Is A 90s Bob?

‘The 90s bob is an unstructured, effortless and unfussy bob cut that works with your hair’s natural movement,’ explains stylist and colour specialist Anna Wiig. Spanning from super short pixies to collarbone-skimming bobs, the style highlights any characteristic waves and bends in the hair. It forms part of a wider retreat to natural-looking beauty aesthetics, as it enhances the look of natural textures.

@samanthacusicklondonThe 90s layered bob with a classic blowout , we are totally sold. Make sure you hit the link in our bio to book your next hair appointment. Colour by @rachelsyas | Cut and styled by @lovemeknot_ for @katie_budenberg in our Notting Hill salon.♬ A&W – Lana Del Rey

The emerging bob style is also a love letter to one of pop culture’s favourite decades. And while the humble bob is the haircut of the moment, the 90s bob seems to strike a chord with Gen Z  – a quick look on TikTok reveals there are currently 44.5 million posts listed under #90shairbob and a further 106.3 million under #90shair – as well as a number of famous names, including Natalie Portman, Saoirse Ronan, Hailey Bieber and Zendaya. ‘The 90s are being revived,’ agrees Anna. ‘Fashion these days has gone very natural. People are ditching their lashes and heavy make-up and the same goes for hair. Less is more and makes for quick styling.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

As we mentioned, the 90s bob varies in length. ‘It can take any length, from a short crop to gracing the collar bones,’ confirms Anna, who says this is a cut works well for wavy, curly and textured hair. ‘A bit of a wave in the hair also helps with texture and volume.’

@chloefrater 90s bob > #haircolor #blonde #shorthair ♬ som original – Vbedit.x🇧🇷

How To Ask For A 90s Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘When asking for a 90s bob in the salon, request a straight, unstructured bob – but ensure you know your hair and the length you are prepared to go to,’ advises Anna. ‘For me, a bob needs to be bold and above the shoulders, but this isn’t always the case for everyone. Quite often, anything above the shoulders can feel a lot shorter, even if only slightly. The look feels much bolder, but with the boldness comes instant shape. Try bringing a photo of what you’re after, so you can highlight the features that you like to your stylist.’

She also outlines how the cut is created once you’re sat in the chair: ‘I would point cut, rather than straight cut, for a little texture at the bottom and to add dimension to the hair. I wouldn’t put in any layers and would cut straight across with no angle towards the front.’

How To Style A 90s Bob

The key to a good 90s bob is texture and volume, so styling should work to enhance these two key features. ‘Try to get some volume with a mouse or a volume spray,’ suggests Anna. ‘Diffuse to bring out the natural movement in the hair, and finish by scrunching some texture spray or salt spray on the mids and ends. If your hair is super straight, get a large-barrelled tong and curl the odd bit (don’t be too perfect with it, as we want it to create some volume).’

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