This 00s Bob Is Making A Comeback This Summer – But Not As You Know It

By Charlie Colville

4 weeks ago

Stylists have given the inverted bob an upgrade

A few years ago, we probably would have shied away from the inverted bob – but this summer, stylists (and celebrities) are making a case for its triumphant comeback. Here’s how to style the haircut, the 2024 way.

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What Is An Inverted Bob?

‘An inverted bob is a bob that is cut with a graduated length so it’s slightly longer at the front than the back,’ explains Stéphane Ferreira, Operations Manager and Senior Stylist at Live True London. ‘This iteration is less harsh than graduated bob styles of the past, with a less sharp cut and more of a soft finish.’

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As Stéphane mentioned, this is a cut we’re already familiar with. The sleeker, more angular version of the bob was popular in the late noughties and early 10s, worn by the likes of Rihanna, Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham. But now, the style has taken on a much softer look that takes away from the original’s severity.

Younger generations are fuelling the fire – especially on TikTok, where posts tagged #invertedbob currently have over 102 million views. Celebrities are also trying out the inverted bob for themselves, with stars like Zendaya, Bella Hadid and Nicola Coughlan giving it their seal of approval. ‘Clients are always looking for new bob styles to try out – and this has been seen on many celebrities lately,’ says Stéphane. ‘Because it’s easy to style and can be adapted to suit length preference, it makes a great option for many.’

How Does It Differ From Other Bob Hairstyles?

Another day, another bob – but what makes this one stand out? ‘This look isn’t about the length, but the shape of the style,’ highlights Stéphane, referring to the ‘shorter in the back, longer in the front’ dynamic. ‘You can have an inverted bob at any length, but the most popular is around the jawline.’

Who Suits This Cut?

The good news is that this cut is incredibly flexible, Stéphane tells us. ‘As this haircut can be varied in length, it’s adjustable to a wide range of face shapes,’ she says. ‘We recommend cutting it shorter to draw attention to the cheekbones, although if you have a rounder face shape, you might want to keep it longer to lengthen your face. This can also look great on many hair textures, but the shape will be most noticeable on straighter hair.’

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How To Ask For An Inverted Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘Always bring pictures of what you want so your stylist can nail what you’re looking for,’ Stéphane tells us. ‘Discuss the length you’d like, and then make sure to let them know you’d like a softer edge with less of a defined angle. This is a simple cut for a stylist to create, but they may use some different techniques to achieve a softer edge.’

How To Style An Inverted Bob

The beauty of the inverted bob lies in its simple styling techniques, making it a slightly more low maintenance cut. ‘This bob is super easy to style,’ agrees Stéphane. ‘If you want a more sleek and polished look, it can be heat styled using straighteners effectively. Alternatively, you can just let it air dry and use some texturising product to create a more carefree and chic style.’

The Future Of The Inverted Bob

What next for the inverted bob? ‘We see this trend being adapted for longer lengths in the future,’ muses Stéphane. ‘Perhaps combined with some layering for a shaggier style.’

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