How To Get Barbie Nails, According To Experts

By Charlie Colville

10 months ago

This Barbie has a hot pink manicure

Objectively speaking, there’s no such thing as too much Barbie (this is a hill we are willing to die on). Whether you’re still dreaming about that Malibu DreamHouse, looking at all the fun merch collaborations or have Margot Robbie’s killer press outfits on your mind, Barbie is everywhere. Get ready for the premiere with an extra special mani-pedi, courtesy of the Barbie nails trend. Here’s how to nail it, according to the experts.

What Are Barbie Nails?

‘Barbie fever has set in and is set to be one the biggest trends in fashion and beauty this year,’ says Lou Stokes, brand ambassador for ORLY. ‘Barbie nails are a definite case in point for this and regardless of which style you go for as long as it is in a gradient of pink you are all set. Whether it be two tone pink, colour block, skittle, ombre or glitter, there is a Barbie nail and pink tone to suit everyone.’

‘Rather than just one style, Barbie nails have inspired a myriad of new manicures,’ Sonia Hully, CEO and founder of Nailberry. ‘Usually pink in theme, the trend embraces sweet nail art accents, statement sparkles and micro French tips.’

It’s evidently the trend that launched a thousand ships – or at least, launched a thousand (if not million) videos on TikTok. Searches for Barbie, Barbiecore Nails and Barbie Nails have shot up in the last year, largely thanks to the upcoming live action Barbie movie set to hit cinemas this July. ‘Barbie’s been a worldwide icon and collectible craze for generations,’ adds Sonia. ‘Now, with the Barbie movie landing, it’s really hit socials this season. We’ve all eagerly watched Margot Robbie’s red-carpet appearances, taking in her fashion and beauty looks, while brands are following suit and showcasing their best Barbie-inspired content and pink products.’

Who’s Wearing The Trend?

‘Surely there’s no beating Margot Robbie’s own two-tone Barbie French manicure for the movie premiere,’ says Sonia. ‘We also love Hailey Bieber’s Barbie-themed glazed nails as a statement twist on this other seasonal trend.’

Lou is also a Margot Robbie fan: ‘The popularity of pink nails has surged massively due to the release of the Barbie movie this July, featuring Margot Robbie in the iconic role. Margot herself is leading the way with the Barbie manicure trend with various nail looks from hot pink with lots of sparkle, geometric pink patterns to a baby pink nail with a bold pink French tip making sure she is always red carpet ready.

‘I have loved various celebrities including Margot Robbie, Ashley Graham and Dua Lipa’s Barbie take on the French manicure – with Margot and Ashley opting for hot pink French tips on a softer pink base and Dua Lipa going for a bold pink base with classic white tips.’

How Do We Ask For Barbie Nails At The Salon?

When asking our experts what to prepare when booking a manicure at the salon, both suggested doing some research first on the style, shape and colours you’d like to try. ‘You can search up trending hashtags like #pinknails or #barbienails on Pinterest or Instagram for a look that appeals to you and then show to your manicurist for inspiration,’ advises Lou. ‘Barbie nails is not all about neon pink, either – instead you can embrace the trend with a more subtle pink shade. Think lip gloss nails, soft pink chrome nails or even bold, patterned or full glitter statement pink nails.’

How Can We Recreate The Look At Home?

Lou’s Pick: Classic Pink

This trend is an easy one to pick up at home, says Lou. All you need is some pink nail varnish. Below, she outlines the steps to creating a sleek pink manicure:

  1. Prep: ‘If you are looking to recreate a key look at home then always allow yourself enough time and don’t forget to prep your nails first. File and shape the free edge of the nail to prevent any snags or pulling and push back the cuticles for a well groomed finish.
  2. Basecoat: ‘Then apply one coat of basecoat, I recommend the Orly Bonder Basecoat due to its unique rubberised formula which grips the colour to your nails while allowing the nails to flex, which helps prevent against chipping.’
  3. Apply Colour: ‘You can then apply one or two coats of your chosen pink shade, allowing the layers to dry for a couple of minutes between coats and finish with a layer of topcoat. For an iconic Barbie pink shade you can’t go wrong with Orly Beach Cruiser; this neon pink crème shade will definitely draw attention.’

Sonia’s Pick: Pink French

If you’d like to try something a little more advanced, try having a go at create a French manicure – pink themed, of course. ‘At Nailberry, we simply love a spin on the classic French manicure,’ says Sonia. ‘It’s one of the hottest looks to come out of the Barbiecore trend and is so easy to do at home.’

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Prep: Get your nails ready for polish by filing the shape and pushing back cuticles.
  2. Base Colour: Layer on two thin coats of a light pink varnish (Sonia recommends Pink Tulip).
  3. Create Tips: Once dry, use a thin, long brush to create sweeping tips at the top of each nail (Sonia suggests using Hollywood Rose for a pink punch).

Polishes To Try At Home

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