Beauty Dilemma: How To Tackle Skin Laxity

By Nathalie Eleni

1 week ago

Our Beauty Editor's guide to beating sagging skin

Skin laxity will hit all of us at some point – but with the latest skin tightening technology available, it’s not only your spirits that will be lifted.

What Is Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity occurs when collagen and elastin fibres (think of them as the scaffolding for your skin) start to break down, resulting in loose or sagging skin.

What Causes Collagen Breakdown?

Although it’s a natural result of ageing, exposure to harmful UV rays, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, weight loss and genetics all add to the mix.

How To Tackle Skin Laxity

Nathalie Eleni shares her top tips for targeting skin laxity at home and in the clinic:

Quick Beauty Hacks

Home-use gadgets like CurrentBody’s NuFace range – which uses microcurrents to gently stimulate muscles and help improve muscle tone long term – can also give a temporary lifting effect as a quick fix. Face massage is another way to instantly change the look of skin. Use upward lifting movements, with medium pressure and an oil or serum to allow glide (no dragging!), and a pinch-and-lift movement along the brow-bone – this can work wonders to help release muscle tension, which can exaggerate the look of heavy-looking lids.

White facial gadget


NuFACE Trinity device, £302

Brown, gold and black serum bottle

Dr Sebagh

Platinum Gold Elixir, £395


Face Creams

Although I truly believe you should never underestimate the powers of a good moisturiser, expectations should be realistic. A cosmeceutical-grade vitamin C like Skinceuticals C E Ferulic can help stimulate collagen production, as can retinol. Peptides and amino acids can also help to improve the skin condition and encourage a slight tightening effect over time, giving an overall healthy appearance to your complexion. But, most importantly of all, an SPF should be worn every day – I recommend Hello Sunday’s illuminating primer.

Face serum


C E Ferulic Serum, £165

Pink bottle of spf cream

Hello Sunday

The Illuminating One Glow Primer, £23

Skin serum

Wildsmith Skin

Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum, £100

Serum bottle


Capture Totale Hyalushot Wrinkle Filler, £75

Silver tube bottle

Alastin Skincare

Regenerating Skin Nectar With TriHex Technology, £180

Blue bottle


Retinol Routine Booster, £84



Certain home micro-needles are great for product absorption, but to get the collagen-boosting results to help lift and tighten skin, a professional treatment needs to be carried out. I have been micro-needling my clients’ skin for years. It creates micro-wounds that supercharge your skin’s natural collagen production, and results can be amazing. I use the Xcellaris Pro Twist, which triggers the body’s natural regeneration process (treatments from £250,

Remodelling Treatments

Dr Jennifer Doyle, Head of Aesthetics at The Clinic Holland Park, recommends Softwave non-surgical treatments as a successful way to achieve remodelling and lift. ‘Energy is delivered 1.5mm below the surface of the skin, targeting the mid-dermis exclusively to stimulate huge amounts of collagen. The clever way in which the ultrasound is delivered means that the energy coverage is superior to other devices on the market,’ she says (treatments from £1,750,


If you don’t want to go down the filler route, Dr Wassim Taktouk advises Sculptra for increasing skin firmness and definition (treatments from £800, It is an injectable bio-stimulator clinically proven to increase skin’s natural collagen production to help volume loss. It’s a great non-surgical option to achieve a sculpted jawline, with results lasting up to two years.

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