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Rinse, Refill, Repeat: The Best Refillable Shampoos and Conditioners

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For hair as clean as your conscience

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Ready to clean up your act? In the race to net zero, single-use plastic is one of the supervillains. There’s no time like the present to overhaul single use plastic in your beauty regime. Enter refillables: a term which all beauty junkies will be familiar with in 2022. Like many solutions striving to be more sustainable, refillables aren’t perfect (and amongst a deluge of greenwashing it’s important to do your research) but when it comes to thinking about the environmental impact of your haircare, reducing your plastic packaging is a good place to start. Ready to clean up your act? Here are some of the best refillable and zero-waste shampoos and conditioners to invest in to keep your locks in tip top shape.

How to Make Your Haircare more Sustainable

The Best Refillable Shampoos and Conditioners

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Rahua refill

Rahua Hydration shampoo and conditioner

Certified by Symbiotic, Rahua is committed to never harvesting non-regenerative rainforest ingredients and helps support self-sustained rainforests. Its formula is also kinder to your hair than synthetic-heavy counterparts, with natural Symbiotic classified ingredients, purchased at a price to help sustain indiginous economies, and recycled and 100 per cent recyclable PET packaging.

Plus, by using its refills – it claims your plastic consumption will be reduced by 90 per cent versus normal shampoo. Result.

Rahua Hydration shampoo refill, £32. rahua.uk

Davines shampoo bar

Davines Dede shampoo bar

Aiming to go completely plastic free? Take your eco-resolutions a step further and treat your locks to this hydrating solid shampoo bar, enriched with red celery extracts and made with 97 per cent biodegradable ingredients.

A B Corp since 2016, Davines is committed to generating a positive ethical and sustainable impact. So while you’re picking up your shampoo, it’s worth checking out its other haircare products. The paper wrapper is 100 per cent FSC, and you can pop it straight in your recycling when you’re finished.

Davines Dede shampoo bar, £14, davines.com

Keihls amino acid shampoo

Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo and conditioner

Kiehl’s lovers will be thrilled to find that it now has its own dedicated range of refills. For a while the brand has been making steady progress with its eco credentials – with a Recycle and Be Rewarded scheme which has been going since 2009 for customers to drop off their empties in store and a focus on sustainably-sourced ingredients.

But why throw away your empties if you can repurpose them? For a less plastic-intensive haircare routine, its signature Amino Acid shampoo and conditioner both come as refillable pouches. The brand also has refillable versions of its grapefruit liquid hand and body cleanser and créme de corps moisturiser.

Kiehls refillable Amino Acid shampoo, £52, kiehls.co.uk

Lush Honey I washed my hair

Lush Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar

All hail Lush – not only are all of its products delicious-smelling and packed with natural ingredients, but its shampoo bars will ensure your hair is as clean as your conscience at all times.

As with all of Lush’s products the formula is cruelty free with zero-waste packaging. We love the Honey I Washed My Hair bar, made with Fair Trade honey, wild orange oil and bergamot. This gently hydrating formula is perfect to nourish dried out, dull, cold-weather hair.

Lush Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar, £9, lush.com

Bower Collective

Bower Collective Bramley lemon, mandarin and rosemary conditioner

Bower has transformed the UK refills business with its household cleaning and personal care ranges, but it’s also on a constant quest for improvement – which is why it’s currently developing reusable packaging to give its refill pouches a longer lifespan.

Made in the UK and packed with 100 per cent natural and cruelty free ingredients this lemon, mandarin and rosemary formula intensively conditions your locks with the vitamin E and Shea butter. Once you’re all out, simply pop your pouch in a pre-paid postal return box and send it back to  Bower to be recycled.

Bramley lemon, madarin and rosemary conditioner refill, £19.99, bowercollective.com

Centred shampoo bar

Centred Altered State solid shampoo bar

Lasting up to 60 washes, Centred’s solid shampoo bar packs a surprising amount of power into its pocket-sized packaging.

The wrapping is zero plastic and low waste for a more eco-friendly addition to your bathroom shelf, and a formula of organic flower waters, aloe vera and caffeine moisturises and strengthens your hair. If you’re not a fan of scent, it also comes in a fragrance-free version with 99.75 per cent naturally-derived ingredients. Just think of how much space you’ll save in your washbag…

Centred Altered State solid shampoo bar, £20, wearecentred.com

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