Rinse, Refill, Repeat: The 11 Best Refillable Shampoos & Conditioners

By CTH Editors

10 months ago

For hair as clean as your conscience

Ready to clean up your act? In the race to net zero, single-use plastic is one of the supervillains. There’s no time like the present to overhaul single use plastic in your beauty regime. Enter refillables: a term which all beauty junkies will be familiar with in 2022. Like many solutions striving to be more sustainable, refillables aren’t perfect (and amongst a deluge of greenwashing it’s important to do your research) but when it comes to thinking about the environmental impact of your haircare, reducing your plastic packaging is a good place to start. Ready to clean up your act? Here are some of the best refillable and zero-waste shampoos and conditioners to invest in to keep your locks in tip top shape.

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The Best Refillable Shampoos & Conditioners

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Main image: Unsplash, @taisiiastupak