Boy Bobs Are Everywhere This Awards Season

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Meet the laidback cut slowly taking over salons

While most trendy new hairstyles look gorgeous fresh out of the salon, it can take a lot of effort to keep them looking that way when we get home. The trendiest of cuts this year is (you guessed it) the humble bob, which we’ve come to find out can be styled in a hundred different ways – from butterfly and baroque to the glamorous old money aesthetic. But not all are quick and easy to style. That’s where the latest new hairdo comes in: meet the boyb, aka the boy bob.

The boy bob has been making a splash throughout 2024, but most notably on the red carpet. Actresses America Ferrera and Ayo Edebiri have been making a case for the haircut especially, with slick, short hairstyles that have only levelled up the sophistication (and wearability) of their formal attire.


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The latest – and our new favourite – rendition of the boy bob comes from the Oscars red carpet, where award nominee America Ferrera stepped out wearing a custom Atelier Versace floor-length pink column gown (which allegedly took seven members of the Atelier 400 hours to complete) with her signature boyb.

Intrigued by this take on the bob trend? Here’s how to get one, and style it for yourself.

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What Is A Boy Bob (aka, A Boyb)?

‘The boyb, or boy bob, is a short, undone bob,’ Daina Maciulaite, a hair stylist at Blush and Blow London, tells us. ‘It sits anywhere between the lip and chin, while still framing your facial features. It’s an easy-to-wear cut that’s ideal for the everyday, especially if you still want to make a statement with your hair.’

So, it’a bob – but what sets it apart from other trending bob hairstyles we’ve seen this year? Daina suggests it’s the laidback androgyny of the boyb that makes it stand out. ‘Unlike other bobs, the “boyb” has no rules,’ she tells us. ‘Often worn slicked back, this bob mimics the relaxed, half-done look associated with men’s hair – think 90s boy band inspiration – usually cut to the chin and sometimes shaven at back, the boyb is less blunt and more texturized.’

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And it seems the haircut gets the seal of approval from various celebrities, including Naomi Watts, America Ferrera and Ayo Edebiri, as well as TikTok‘s vast hairstyle set, where bobs of all shapes and sizes currently reign supreme.

How To Ask For A Boyb At The Salon (& What To Expect)

If this sounds like the bob for you, then it’s time you make your way down to your local salon for the chop. Since this can be a big change for those with longer hair, Daina recommends you do your research and find a stylist that can work to your preferences. ‘Do your research on who is cutting your hair,’ she says. ‘Bobs should be cut to suit you (one bob does not fit all), so finding a hair stylist who has experience in cutting bobs of all different styles and lengths is ideal.’

It’s also suggested that you bring plenty of reference photos with you that demonstrate the features of the haircut that you like most and would like to replicate. Daina also recommends ‘having a short hair consultation before opting for such a dramatic change.’

Once you’ve had a consultation and are happy with the outcome, your stylist will then start the process of creating the boyb. ‘Depending on how long your hair is to start, we’ll cut your hair dry and gradually, taking a small bit of length off at a time,’ Daina explains. ‘Once we’ve reached neck length, you’ll have your hair washed and then your stylist will continue to take some length off and add layer for texture and volume. When your hair is dry it usually appears even shorter, so after your hair is blowdried we’ll look for any areas which need any further trimming.’

After that, you’ll be all good to go with your boy bob.

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Who Suits This Haircut?

Since it’s a more bespoke haircut, the boyb is relatively versatile – making it adaptable for most people. ‘It’s all about embracing your natural texture,’ add Daina, who highlights that it can work for straight, curly and wavy hair.

‘That being said, it’s important to remember that not all hair types will suit this style,’ she warns. ‘Your hair could be too thick, for example, meaning the bob will appear heavy and not be very flattering – there are cutting techniques to help, however they aren’t always possible with certain hair types.’

How To Style A Boy Bob

Need some quick inspiration? Daina suggests leaning into the natural texture of your hair for a quick, low-effort and fashionably messy look. ‘I’d recommend rough drying your hair to ensure your natural hair texture is visible,’ she says. ‘Using a blow-drying method (with a round brush) will make the hair too smooth. Instead, use a texturizing spay to create that undone, “messy” look and add some volume.’

As Daina previously mentioned, there’s a lot of versatility here: ‘I just love how many different ways a boy bob can be styled; slicked back, side parting, wavy fringe, curly or just relaxed. It’s difficult to choose just one.’

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Featured image: America Ferrera at the 96th Annual Oscars held at Ovation Hollywood on March 10, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WWD via Getty Images)