The Box Bob Is The Ultimate Trend For Hair Minimalists

By Charlie Colville

6 months ago

Here's how to style this sleek new 'do

If the thought of styling flouncy curls and maintaining choppy layers puts you in a spin, fear not – there’s a way you can still channel the bob trend without compromising on your morning routine (or patience). Cue: the box bob, the classic short hairstyle that has yet to fall out of fashion.

What Is A Box Bob?

‘A box bob is a classy, slick bob that is typically all one length, depending on your hair type,’ explains Molly Newell, a stylist at Neil Moodie Studio. ‘If you’re thinking about going for the chop, this is probably the most classic bob look.’

Some famous faces you might have seen pulling off the look over the last year include Selena Gomez’s shoulder-length chop, Megan Fox’s red-hot bob, Kim Kardashian’s ‘mushroom’ cut and, of course, Hailey Bieber’s slick box bob. ‘Hailey Bieber has been rocking the box bob for a while now,’ adds Molly. ‘Obviously, with her influence, the style set is swaying towards this chic look – and so we’ve seen it pop back up in salons.’

@sara_naples_hair Hailey Biebers bob cut is 🔥 @Hailey Bieber @beautylaunchpad I’m constantly trying to grow my hair out, because every time I see a cute bob haircut, I HAVE to have it! Who else relates?⬇️ #relatable #haircuts #hair #shorthair #bobhaircut #haileybieber #haileybieberhair ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Bieber or no Bieber, the box bob is definitely having a moment – especially on TikTok, where creatives are split between documenting their salon transformations and cutting a DIY bob at home. You can see all the videos here.

What Sets It Apart From Other Bob Styles?

So, it’s another bob – but what makes it special? ‘The bob is such a classic but can be interpreted in different styles,’ says Molly. ‘This one is short, sleek and sharp looking, like a kind of power bob.’

It tends to be a bit more streamlined than a baroque or old money bob, which both rely on volume, and doesn’t have the layers that make up a kitty cut or butterfly bob.

How To Ask For A Box Bob At The Salon (& What To Expect)

As always, come prepared; bring a collection of images that showcase the aspects of the box bob you’d like to try, so that your stylist can tailor the cut to you. Molly also recommends you ‘ask your stylist for a slick one length haircut,’ so that you can really emphasise that sharp cut.

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Who Suits This Cut?

While this haircut can be adapted to anyone, Molly recommends consulting your stylist on creating a length and shape that best suits your features. ‘Face shape and texture definitely come into play when it comes to getting a bob right,’ she tells us. ‘If your face shape is on the rounded side, for example, your stylist may suggest to keep it slighter longer so it doesn’t make your face feel too round. Hair texture also is massively important with this look and you will need to keep in mind when it comes to the overall shape.’

How To Style A Box Bob

So, you’ve got the box bob – now you need to style it. Molly shares some of her tips below:

  • Creating Volume: ‘To give your bob some volume you can blow dry your hair with a large round brush. I’d also recommend using some mousse and setting strands with rollers.’
  • Beachy Waves: ‘You can also go for the effortless beachy kind of wave – which has this lovely texture, similar to Hailey Bieber’s look – by using a salt spray.’
  • Sleek Look: ‘Or you can just go for the sleek look; this is easily achievable with the use of either a straightener, curling iron or diffuser.’

If you’re still unsure, Molly says you can ‘ask your stylist for styling tips – they’ll be more than happy to help!’

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