Looking For A Classic Short Hairstyle? Try The Bubble Bob

By Charlie Colville

3 weeks ago

You won't be bursting anyone's bubble with this cut

As it stands, when it comes to hair, there’s nothing we love more than a good bob. Our latest obsession? The ultra sleek, vintage-glam bubble bob.

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What Is A Bubble Bob?

‘A bubble bob is a straight bob that has been layered to create a round shape, with strands usually tucking in under the chin, towards the face,’ explains hair stylist and colourist Anna Wiig. ‘People are loving bobs right now, but the bubble bob has its own distinct look – a 60s vibe – and it really seems to be having a moment. This style is one for those who want more body and volume with their bob.’

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If you haven’t heard the name before, fear not – you will have certainly seen a bubble bob out in the wild. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Ciara, Zendaya and Lori Harvey have all rocked the haircut fairly recently, and the style is experiencing a resurgence on TikTok right now (alongside several other bob cuts). A quick look on the video sharing platform confirms the bubble bob’s growing popularity, with almost 114 million posts tagged under #bubblebobhaircut and a further 71.5 million posts linked to the #bubblebobhaircut2024 tag.

Who Suits This Cut?

Due to the shaping of this cut, Anna explains that it might not be best suited to those with thinner strand. ‘I believe you need to have full hair to begin with for this style to work well, with medium to thick hair working best,’ she says. ‘If your face shape is also slightly rounded, then this will enhance the style too. A slim or longer face shape will also benefit from the body at the sides.’

How To Ask For A Bubble Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

It’s important you communicate your haircut preferences with your stylist for any new cut – although especially when it comes to bolder cuts like a bob. ‘Bringing a photo of what you’re after is always good,’ Anna says. ‘It’s also worth recognising that this is quite a bold style, so not necessarily one for the faint hearted. You also need an understanding of whether or not your hair is full enough, which you can talk through with your hair stylist to ensure this would be a suitable style for you.

‘To create this look, layers need to be cut no higher than the fullest point of the bob,’ she continues. ‘This then creates a circular shape, with the hair then blow-dried to tuck under the chin.’

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How To Style A Bubble Bob

While not necessarily a high-maintenance cut, you’re going to need to have a slight routine if you want a pristinely styled bubble bob. ‘I would recommend using a volumising mouse or a volume spray,’ advises Anna. ‘Apply to wet hair and then blow dry using a large, round brush to really accentuate the full round shape.’

What Next?

While a classic style, Anna sees the bubble bob developing to include more modern additions in the future: ‘I believe this may evolve to include side fringe pieces to give a more modern feel.’

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