Considering Summer Hair Colours? Try Cowboy Copper
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Considering Summer Hair Colours? Try Cowboy Copper

This wearable red is going to be everywhere this season

This ain’t Texas, ain’t no hold ’em – but that won’t stop us from trying out the West’s hottest new hair colour, cowboy copper. Here’s everything you need to know about the burgeoning hair trend, plus how to get the perfect shade in the salon.

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What Is Cowboy Copper Hair?

‘Cowboy copper is an ultra muted and natural variation on copper,’ explains Stéphane Ferreira, Operations Manager and Senior Stylist at Live True London. ‘It’s less vibrant and more grounded and earthy, with plenty of brown tones that result in a dark and cinnamon-y copper.’

Similar to a mid-weight copper, cowboy copper presents a blend of warm brown and red – with the goal of making a wearable colour that veers more on natural than colour pop.

‘With the popularity of the original copper trend, it’s only natural that the next generation of coppers will develop on this, especially as clients who had copper early choose to mix things up or want to go more natural. This shade requires less upkeep than a brighter copper, which might be one of the main drivers of its popularity.’

Now, copper isn’t a new trend for use – or for celebrities, for that matter. ‘We’ve seen this colour influence the celebrity scene, spotted on the likes of Phoebe Dynevor, Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell,’ says Stéphane, who also indicates that we might start seeing more take up the trend in 2024.

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Who Suits This Hair Colour?

Red can be a bit like marmite, but Stéphane assures us that the emphasis on brown tones makes cowboy copper a pretty adaptable hair colour. ‘Because this is a more natural spin on copper, it’s a lot more versatile,’ she says. ‘We recommend figuring out if you look best with warm or cool toned hair, and from there choose a more yellow or orange-based cowboy copper shade for warm toned and a blue or red-based shade for cool toned.’

How To Ask For Cowboy Copper In The Salon (& What To Expect)

You’ve got some planning to do before booking that appointment, says Stéphane. ‘First you will need to decided whether you’d like highlights or a balayage,’ she tells us. ‘Highlights will provide a more all over dramatic and bright change, but will be harder to maintain. Balayage will provide a more natural and blended look, as well as being easier to maintain. Ask your stylist for a natural, brown toned copper, but be sure to bring reference pictures with you so they can nail the shade you’re after.’

As for what to expect when you’re in the chair, Stéphane explains that the process will be similar to any other colour appointment – with maybe a little more communication between client and stylist when it comes to mixing up the right shade. ‘Your stylist will lighten your hair in either a balayage or highlights, and then apply a toner,’ she says. ‘If your hair is already light, your stylist may just choose to apply a toner all over or in a reverse balayage.’

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How To Style Cowboy Copper Hair

The best way to make your colour pop? By showing off its dimension, says Stéphane. ‘As with any dimensional colours, we suggest cutting a few layers into the hair to show off the colour,’ she tells us. ‘You can style as desired, as this shade looks great with all styles.’

How To Maintain Cowboy Copper Hair

‘Reds can be tricky to maintain, so always use colour-safe, professional hair care products,’ advises Stéphane. ‘Use a colour-safe shampoo, wash and rinse in lukewarm water, use heat protectant and avoid heat styling if possible – and make sure to visit the salon for a toner top up every four to six weeks.’

The Future Of Cowboy Copper Hair

Where do we see cowboy copper heading over the next few years? According to Stéphane, the trend will likely evolve through new colour variations: ‘We see this trend either evolving into a much more brunette cinnamon shade or maybe a cherry cola brunette, a la Dua Lipa.’

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