The Scandi Bob Isn’t Going Anywhere This Season

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

See you on the flip side

Another day, another bob trend – and this one comes courtesy of our Nordic friends. Fancy trying the trend for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about the Scandi bob, including how to style it at home (lucky for us, it takes little to no effort).

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What Is A Scandi Bob?

‘The Scandi bob is a chin length bob that is flipped over to one side in an effortless way,’ explains Tyler Moore, expert stylist at Live True London. ‘It is a popular look right now as it requires basically no styling and looks great styled down or dressed up.’

So, it’s another bob – but what makes it stand out from the crowd exactly? Taking inspiration from the Nordic, Swedish and Danish gals, the look is exceptionally minimalist, with an emphasis on creating a defining shape. As Tyler mentioned, it’s typically cut to the chin or jaw, making it a shorter bob hairstyle, and is defined by its clean, blunt edge.

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But there’s one feature in particular that stands out. Tyler tells us that the Scandi bob has a central (or, rather, side-facing) defining factor: its flip. ‘The flip is key to this look,’ he says. ‘A  deep flip to the side instead of a side part is what makes this a Scandi bob.’ It’s the flip that creates the style’s signature shape, volume and low-maintenance glamour – creating characteristics that sit well with the minimalistic Nordic lifestyle.

The Scandi bob is easily one of the biggest (or should we say shortest?) hair trends this spring, having picked up speed at Copenhagen Fashion Week back in February and now making its way through the celebrity circuit.

The latest famous face to make a case for the hairstyle is actress Sydney Sweeney, who debuted a Scandi bob at the Oscars afterparty. Sweeney, who walked the red carpet in a Marc Bouwer gown that Angelina Jolie also wore to the 2004 Academy Awards, dialled up the Hollywood glamour by styling her (now short) golden curls into a Marilyn Monroe-esque flip.


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How To Ask For A Scandi Bob At The Salon (& What To Expect)

As always, remember you references. ‘The best way to ask for any hairstyle is to bring reference images with you to the salon,’ adds Tyler. ‘These will help your stylist achieve your dream look.

‘For a Scandi bob, ask your stylist for a blunt, jaw length chop, parted in the centre,’ he continues. ‘When it comes to the flip, if your natural part is in the centre (when cut) it will allow more volume when you flip to the side. Show your stylist images when styling to achieve your desired look.’

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

Lucky for us, the Scandi bob can be achieved with most hair types – although he warns that more work may need to go into curly hair to create the correct shape. ‘This cut lends itself more to fine and straight hair, as blunt cuts on thicker or curlier hair can look triangular,’ he explains. ‘For that low effort, Scandi style on curly hair, we recommend asking for a few layers when getting the chop to shape the hair.’

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Tips For Styling

And what about styling at home? Since this cut is meant to be low-effort, Tyler says that styling is just a matter of flipping hair to the side. ‘The key to this style is that it’s supposed to be low effort styling, with just a flip to the side and ready to go,’ he says. ‘However, to add more volume, you might want to use some volumising mousse or spray along your roots when blow drying to give you even more lift. We would also recommend some styling wax or hair spray to hold the flip and keep it from falling into your face throughout the day.’

As for the future of the Scandi bob, Tyler says he sees the hairstyle taking on different textures and and parting styles – but one thing will remain the same, and that is the hype around low-maintenance cuts. ‘Low-effort bobs will be around for a while, but we could see the Scandi bob evolve into a more layered cut, or maybe even a deep side part with no flip.’

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