The Mullet Is Making A Triumphant Comeback In 2024
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The Mullet Is Making A Triumphant Comeback In 2024

Mullet mania continues

We’re calling it: this is the decade of the mullet. Ever since it burst back onto the scene in 2020, courtesy of experimental lockdown haircutting sessions and celebrity endorsement, the mullet has become a staple in salons. Think you’ve missed the boat? Think again. Here’s how to ask for (and style) a mullet.

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What Is A Mullet?

‘A mullet is a hairstyle that is shorter on the top and sides, in comparison to the bottom length which is left longer,’ explains Katie Allan, celebrity hair stylist and founder of MAYFIVE Hair. This is, undoubtedly, a haircut we are all familiar with – having witnessed the rise in mullets not just in the 70s and 80s, but more recently in 2020 (and, let’s face it, today).

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The mullet has been around for a long time at this point, having originated from the 1970s rock scene – ‘David Bowie and Rod Stewart wore mullets very often (Rod still does) and Dolly Parton had a very soft styled version,’ comments Katie – but the sentiment of it being a haircut steeped in rebellious youth culture still remains. More recent figures in pop culture to don the mullet include Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansson, as well as a slew of rugby players (we’re looking at you, Australia).

And it seems the the preference for mullets isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On TikTok, for example, you’ll find over 700k posts under the search term #mullet, as well as an impressive 17.4 billion views. If the numbers are anything to go by, it seems we’re still quite drawn to this trendy hairstyle.

Is It A Unisex Haircut?

The beauty of the mullet is arguably its adaptability, meaning it can literally be worn by anyone who wants to give it a go. ‘The mullet is definitely a unisex haircut,’ confirms Katie. ‘It can be worn by anyone in lots of variations, from curly and short to long and straight.’

Who Suits This Cut?

As mentioned, this is a haircut that can be tailored to multiple hair types, textures and face shapes. ‘It can be cut on straight, curly and textured hair,’ says Katie, who also mentions that the haircut, while wearable for all, will look especially flattering on those with longer face shapes. As she explains, ‘Typically it will flatter most faces, however it will accentuate an oblong shape as the short length on the top will create more height.’

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How To Ask For A Mullet In The Salon (& What To Expect)

As always, make sure to prepare some reference photos for your stylist to look through, highlighting the elements of the haircut that you like best and would like the recreate. The stylist will more than likely know what a mullet is, so the pictures will be used to fine tune the vision you have for your own mullet.

Once you’re sat in the chair and have had a consultation with your stylist, it’s then time for your stylist to get to work. ‘The process of creating a mullet can vary client to client, but typically I would start with isolating the length through the underneath and sides and create the internal layers first,’ explains Katie. ‘You stylist will use a razor or scissors; a razor will give a beautiful soft edge and shattered lines while scissors will create more blunt lines.

‘A mullet will make your hair feel fuller through the top and slimmer on the sides, with tail-like length through the back,’ Katie continues. ‘This can be heavily exaggerated with extreme length and very short through the top, but can also be softened with only a slight disconnection between the two.’

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How To Style A Mullet

As for the styling, Katie tells us that the most important thing you want with a mullet is texture. ‘Regardless of the hair type, it’s important that you’re using texturising products for your hair type,’ she says. ‘I would recommend a dry texture spray for straighter hair, and a curl building serum for curly hair.’

The Future Of The Mullet

The mullet has already evolved in recent years into other edgy haircuts like the smullet, shag and wolf cut, Katie tells us, so the only direction she can see it going in is new, refined takes on the shape itself. ‘I feel like the mullet has transitioned to the shag and the wolf cut recently, so the next step would be an accentuated shape with extensions.’

As for us, we’d like to see the mullet take on a more colourful hue – maybe a pop of red?

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