Serpent Nails Could Be The Biggest Beauty Trend Of Autumn

By Charlie Colville

9 months ago

Meet the nail trend making hiss-tory

With summer winding down, you might be after a fresh start – and what better way to change things up than with a new set of nails? Get ready for autumn with serpent nails, the design making waves on the internet right now thanks to Emrata.

What Are Serpent Nails?

‘Serpent nails is a type of nail art that mimics the patterns found on snake skin,’ says Seriah Leslie, a nail technician at Young LDN. ‘With this style, it’s common to see each nail with a different design and colour.

‘Mismatched nails is a growing trend itself, but in the case of serpent nails there’s more play on texture with one overarching colour theme,’ she continues. ‘For example, one nail may have a red glittery design, another a darker red with hues of black, the next a black and red aura nail and then another a milky white base with a faint red and black burst design.’

But how did the trend come about? TikTok searches for ‘serpent nails’ recently hit over 14.5 billion views on the platform, with creators flagging the nail art as an upcoming trend for autumn. ‘With summer nearing its end, people are looking for some new and fresh,’ adds Seriah. ‘The trend lets people express their personality a bit more flexibly through the multiple colours and designs in one set of nails, which is also really appealing.’


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Who’s Wearing The Trend?

One of the biggest factors driving the trend, however, is its celebrity endorsement. ‘Emily Ratajkowski is leading the serpent nails trend right now,’ say Seriah. ‘She recently took to Instagram and showcased her new nails. Emrata opted for a fiery red with black detailing, which is the opposite of the natural, more low-key styles we saw trending earlier this year.’

How Do We Ask For Serpent Nails At The Salon?

‘I would recommend you start by picking a colour palette as well as inspiration pictures from Instagram or Pinterest,’ says Seriah. ‘We can then use these to design and create something that fits your individual style.’

Can We Recreate The Look At Home?

This is a more advanced nail design compared to other nail trends from this year. ‘This would be very hard to create at home unless you are an expert at doing your own nails,’ adds Seriah. ‘We suggest you download a YouTube video and do it step by step and as usual make sure your nails are well prepared and in good condition with neatly trimmed cuticles.’

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