Are Gothic Triangle Bangs The Next Celeb-Approved Hairstyle?

By Charlie Colville

3 months ago

How to make a point with your hair (literally)

If you’ve been on TikTok at all over the last few weeks, chances are you will have caught clips and snippets of Zendaya’s bold new hairstyle, as she debuted triangle bangs at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Since then, this gothic hairstyle has been having a moment – and we’re starting to see why…

What Are Triangle Bangs?

‘Triangle bangs refer to a particular style of fringe where the hair is cut to form a triangular shape across the forehead,’ explains Jason Crozier, Art Director at Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘Triangle bangs typically have a more geometric or angular appearance, and can help frame the face and add a unique, edgy look to a hairstyle. They are often customised to suit individual face shapes and hair textures, and they can vary in length and thickness depending on personal preference.’

‘They resemble an arrow pointing to the centre of the foreheads,’ adds Tetiana Hirenko, a stylist at Blue Tit Portobello. ‘We typically see it with either a soft or more expressive direction, but the most familiar is probably the sharp triangular shape.’

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Why Are Triangle Bangs Popular?

The hairstyle is one that Millennials and older Gen Zs will likely remember, since it was previously a popular cut adopted by alternative (and gothic) youth movements. But in 2024, it’s had something of a glam upgrade. ‘Triangle bangs were have been recently pioneered by Zendaya, whose goth transformation for her latest red carpet looks quickly took the internet by storm,’ says Jason. So, we have Zendaya to thank for the massive resurgence. She donned her fringe in a shade of cherry cola red, another buzzy hair trend forecasted for this year.

But why else would we – and Zendaya – be drawn to triangle bangs? Nostalgia? Boldness? Versatility? ‘There are different factors on why it has become popular, the first being that it offers a distinctive and edgy aesthetic that stands out from more traditional fringe styles,’ explains Jason. ‘Its geometric shape adds visual interest and can make a bold fashion statement. Despite its unique shape, a triangle fringe can be styled in various ways to suit different preferences and occasions. Many people view their hairstyle as a form of self-expression. Triangle bangs also offer individuals an opportunity to express their unique style and personality through their hair, whether they prefer a bold and avant-garde look or a more subtle interpretation of the trend.’

How Does It Differ From Other Bang Hairstyles?

The main difference, as its name suggests, is the triangular shape of the bangs. ‘It’s a lot more unusual in shape compared to regular bangs, and it draws more attention to the face,’ says Tetiana.

In comparison, other fringe hairstyles come with different effects, as Jason explains: ‘Blunt bangs offer a more uniform and structured look, while side-swept bangs create a softer, more relaxed appearance. Choppy bangs, on the other hand, feature uneven, textured edges for a more casual and edgy vibe.’

How To Ask For Triangle Bangs In The Salon

If this sounds like the fringe for you, then you’ll need to book in an appointment at your local salon. ‘When asking for triangle bangs, make sure to prepare a few photos before visiting your stylist and come to the consultation in advance with clean hair,’ advises Tetiana.

‘Be clear about what you want, and explain what your daily routine is so you can find the best version of this cut for you,’ adds Jason. ‘Your stylist will want to make sure the angles taken to create your statement fringe only serve to enhance your natural features, so be sure take their lead.’

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Who Suits This Cut?

Below, our hair experts break down how triangle bangs work with specific hair textures and face shapes:

Straight & Wavy Hair

Straight and wavy hair seem to be a winner when it comes to triangle bangs. ‘A triangular fringe can work well with straight hair as it allows for a sleek and defined shape,’ says Jason. ‘Straight hair can emphasize the geometric lines of the triangular fringe, creating a strong appearance. It can also complement wavy hair, adding texture and dimension to the style. Waves can soften the edges of the fringe for a more relaxed look.’

‘In this context, the bangs can open up the forehead, with focus on the centre,’ adds Tetiana. ‘It can also emphasise a persons face profile.’

Curly Hair

Unfortunately for those with curlier hair, the cut may be a little more difficult to execute properly. ‘If your hair growth has different directions and swirls, I do not recommend experimenting and choosing this shape as it can be quite difficult to maintain,’ says Tetiana.

‘While a triangular fringe can be styled with curly hair, it may require more maintenance to keep the shape defined,’ adds Jason. ‘Although curly hair can add volume and movement to the fringe, creating a dynamic look.’

Face Shapes

And now the face. The shape of your face can alter the appearance of certain haircuts, meaning the style can look different from person to person. Here’s a breakdown of compatible face shapes for triangle bangs:

  • Oval: ‘A triangular fringe can complement an oval face shape well, as it adds definition to the forehead without overwhelming the face,’ says Jason. ‘It can also enhance balanced proportions.’
  • Heart: ‘This style can also work for heart-shaped faces, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones while softening the forehead,’ adds Jason.
  • Square: ‘For square face shapes, triangular fringe can help to soften angular features and add a touch of femininity,’ he adds. ‘It can create a more rounded appearance.’
  • Triangle: ‘These bangs do suit those with a triangular face shape, as it will make the face even look sharper,’ says Tetiana.

As for those who might not get on with the hairstyle, Jason highlights rounder face shapes: ‘This may not be as flattering for round faces, as it can accentuate the width of the forehead. However, if styled appropriately, it can still work by adding height and elongating the face.’

Tetiana also notes that ‘the cut isn’t very suitable for those with a small forehead, as there is no space to create this shape.’

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How To Maintain Triangle Bangs

The sharper your fringe, the more often you’ll need to trim and tidy it up. ‘To maintain the shape of a triangle fringe, you’ll need to visit the salon every three weeks,’ says Tetiana. ‘This will keep the bangs looking neat and will also stop them from getting in your line of vision.’

How To Style Triangle Bangs

‘Your straighteners will be your best friend with this style at home,’ says Jason, who recommends styling triangle bangs into a crisp point. ‘Use a blow dry spray before any heat styling to ensure you protect the hair and give long lasting power to your new statement bangs.’

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