Best Sustainable Sanitary Products

The Best Sustainable Sanitary Products

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Because menstruation should be sustainable. Period.

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Periods. Menstruation. Aunt Flow. Whatever you want to call them, your time of the month is a time for getting to know your body more intimately. But with 200,000 tonnes of waste being generated from sanitary products per year, it’s time to think green when it comes to Code Red. 

More than 800 million people menstruate daily, according to Global Citizen. And when you think how many of those people will only use plastic-based sanitary towels and tampons, you can only imagine how much waste is produced. The average user throws away up to 125kg to 150kg of tampons, pads, and applicators in their lifetime, with many of them ending up in landfill, oceans, rivers, and beaches due to their high plastic content (OrganiCup).

The clean-up for common sanitary products racks up a whopping £14 billion in costs each year, as well as a carbon footprint of 5.3kg CO2 equivalents. These numbers only look worse when we consider that alternatives such as menstrual cups can last up to 10 years with the proper care – that’s 10 years without waste.

This is where sustainable sanitary products come in. They’re greener, cost effective, and usually more comfortable than your average pad or tampon. But it’s true that one cup doesn’t fit all, so we’ve put together a list our favourite sustainable sanitary products to help you find your perfect match.

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Best Sustainable Sanitary Products

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Most tampons (97%) on the market today are made of rayon, which is non-biodegradable plastic. Daye tampons are made from 100% certified organic unbleached and sustainably sourced fibres. Have a read of their sustainability efforts here.



Organic period care brand TOTM want to change the way we see period care. By removing the stigma and campaigning for greener alternatives, the brand hope to encourage more people to move away from plastic products. Reducing plastic, tampons have cardboard applicators (as opposed to plastic that can take 500 years to decompose, much the same as a plastic carrier bag). Also in the pipeline is their development of a reusable tampon applicator. The brand also supports Binti International (who provide menstrual dignity support globally) and Endometriosis UK.

Our Choice: TOTM Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons, from £2.60.



Instead of throwing away a mountain of pads and tampons every month, try Thinx. Thinx is underwear that absorbs your period without any mess or stress. The collection looks and feels like normal underwear, but it can hold the same as five regular tampons. All you need to do is toss into the washing machine afterwards and your good to go again. You can even take a quiz on their site to find out which one is right for you.

Our Choice: Super Hiphugger, £29.31.



Mooncup is probably one of the most well-know brands on this list, having been around since 2002. Having created the world’s first medical grade silicone menstrual cup, it’s safe to say that the brand knows what it’s doing and is a popular choice for many. A Mooncup can hold up to three times more than a tampon, while offering long-lasting protection through every stage of your period. Seems like a good deal to us.

Our Choice: Mooncup, £20.95.



DAME is the world’s first climate positive period brand, having stormed onto the market back in 2018 with its first line of reusable tampon applicators. Now a B Corp-accredited company and the first British period brand to achieve Carbon Neutral Plus accreditation from the organisation Carbon Footprint, DAME is the perfect go-to for those that don’t want on move on from the traditional tampon.

Our Choice: DAME Reusable Applicator Set, £23.79.


Best Sustainable Sanitary Products - &SISTERS Nudie cup


Female founded wellness brand &SISTERS is on mission to create high-quality feminine care products to improve the quality of women’s lives worldwide. Choose from their Eco-Applicator Tampons (biodegradable AND plastic-free), Zero Plastic Pads, or their Period Cups for a greener menstrual cycle. Another bonus – 10% of profits are dedicated to supporting female health, education and economic empowerment across the globe.

Our Choice: &SISTERS nüdie Period Cup, £23.75.

ImseVimse Reusable Sanitary Towels


ImseVimse work as two separate bodies with the same goal: to create products that are kind to the skin and the environment. Imse, who are responsible for sanitary products, have an incredible range of reusable sanitary pads, tampons, and wet bags (for storing used products on the go). Each product is available in a variety of colours and patterns too, so you can make your period experience unique to you.

Our Choice: Imse Reusable Sanitary Cloth Pads, from £14.95.



Australian brand Modibodi has been making a name for itself as one of the best when it comes to period underwear. Each pair fits and wears like regular underwear, but its super absorbent gusset works to absorb period blood throughout the day. Made with breathable Modifier Technology™, a stain, smell, and bacteria fighting lining, Modibodi underwear is a game-changer for the modern menstruator.

Our Choice: Classic Bikini in Mykonos (Maxi – 24 Hours Absorbency), £23.



OrganiCup’s award-winning menstrual cup is firm favourite for many, with nine out of ten people continuing to use it after their first try. Each cup is made from 100% soft medical-grade silicon and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. Another bonus with OrganiCup is that they are registered with The Vegan Society, making them a great alternative for those in the community.

Our Choice: The OrganiCup Menstrual Cup, £21.

Featured image: Courtesy of ImseVimse

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