The Official Manicure Of Summer Has Arrived (& It’s Super Fruity)

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Tutti Frutti nails are going to be a salon staple

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to bring in the season than with a new manicure? According to experts, the biggest trend hitting salons this year is a juicy one – here’s everything you need to know about Tutti Frutti nails (including how to recreate them at home).

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What Are Tutti Frutti Nails?

‘Tutti Frutti nails are a fun, colourful and (as the name implies) fruity nail art trend that is set to be very big this summer,’ explains ORLY UK Brand Ambassador Lou Stokes. ‘Think bold, colourful nails which could have a focus on one individual fruit or multiple fruits for more impact. These nails can be created using embellishments, hand drawn fruit or builder gel.’

Now, we’re no stranger to fruity motifs taking over our summer wardrobe – but this year it’s hitting the beauty scene in a big way. Over on TikTok, for example, you’ll find that search terms like #3dstrawberrynail and #lemonnails have amassed over 103 million and 97 million views respectively – and on Pinterest there has been a 580 percent uptick in searches for ‘strawberry nails’, according to trend expert and WeThrift founder Nick Drewe.

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But why are Tutti Frutti nails starting to take hold in salons? ‘These nails are a definite step away from the clean girl aesthetic, which has been dominating trends over the last few years,’ says Lou, who also notes that we’re seeing a bigger movement towards colourful, playful nail art in reaction to multiple seasons of neutral manicure designs. ‘This bold, colourful manicure creates statement nails, which are a joy to look at, and can be adapted to suit your individual style.

‘For a more minimalist look, you could have all nails painted in a vibrant red shade, with one clear accent nail featuring a 3D strawberry or maybe lots of smaller strawberries,’ she continues. ‘For a bolder approach you could focus on a different fruit for each nail, adding embellishments and 3D effects to create a tropical fruit salad look.’

How To Ask For Tutti Frutti Nails In The Salon

Before trying this manicure for yourself, it’s worth doing some research to decide which styles and designs you like. ‘And if you want to have these created in gel, then it’s best to book in with your nail technician,’ adds Lou. ‘Source some inspiration from Instagram and TikTok and go with an idea of which fruits you would like to focus on. The more inspiration you can show your nail tech, the better, as this gives them a definite understanding of the finished look you are aiming to achieve.’

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How To Recreate The Look At Home

For those who fancy giving the Tutti Frutti nails trend a go at home, Lou shares a small cheat you can use to get pretty, uniform fruit motifs: ‘An easy way to have fun and add a fruity feel to your nails is by investing in some fruit nail art stickers,’ she says. ‘These can then be applied to clear, well-manicured nails or can be used over the top of nail polish. Always finish with two coats of topcoat to adhere the stickers to your nail plate and prevent any raised edges that could catch.’

Tutti Frutti Nail Ideas

1. Fruit Salad

2. Gemmy Cherries


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3. Orange Picking

4. Summer Fruits


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5. Baroque Fruit Basket

6. Limoncello


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7. Tutti Frutti 3D Nails


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8. Strawberry Nails


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9. Small Prints


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10. Blueberry Manicure


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Featured image: Gabriela Durkovicova (@the_nail_girl_lowestoft_ on Instagram)