Plant-Based Skincare Saviours To Add To Your Washbag In 2023
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Plant-Based Skincare Saviours To Add To Your Washbag In 2023

These are the vegan skincare brands we swear by at C&TH

If your skin feels taut and dry after the long winter months, treat yourself to a sensory pick-me-up from one of these new vegan skincare ranges. They smell just as good as they feel on your face or body, says Mary Lussiana. These are brands that draw their goodness from plants and herbs, whether it’s the anti-aging apricot kernel oil in Vanderohe’s nourishing face serum which fights free radicals, the powerful anti-oxidant edelweiss around which is the star of Bellefontaine’s range, the Roman chamomile which fragrances the high-performance Wildsmith skincare range, or the locally picked and blended lemon balm and marigold used by Hedgerow by Agua…

Vegan Skincare Saviours To Add To Your Washbag In 2023

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Sourcing her ingredients with enormous care, Vanderohe founder Olivia Thorpe uses only organic or wild-harvested plants grown in native soils the create her skincare products –with no synthetic chemicals or pesticides present in formulations. The result is a multi-correctional face oil, made from the highest grade, certified organic cold-pressed oils, enriched with eight active 100 percent pure, organic, wild-crafted and steam distilled essential oils. Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and breathe in deeply to stimulate the senses before massaging into your face, for an immediate feel-good factor. What’s more, the brand also donates a portion of its profits to Marine Savers, a world-leading marine conservation team working out of the Maldives on coral reef propagation and turtle rehabilitation.


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Bellefontaine Switzerland

Founded by Peter Yip, Swiss skincare brand Bellefontaine – meaning ‘the spring left unaffected by time’ – was founded around the principle of becoming a synergetic bridge between science and nature. Targeting soft inflammation as THE thing to prevent, Bellefontaine Switzerland has created an exclusive complex called Edlegen® which protects skin cells and reduces premature ageing. At the core of many of its product is the alpine edelweiss flower, with its powerful anti-oxidant qualities, which the brand cultivates and harvest by  hand from its own fields in the canton of Valais. The factors that make the plant so resistant to wind, cold and sun can all be harnessed to work within skincare products against free radicals.


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Wildsmith Skin

Renowned scientist and philanthropist owner of Heckpfield Place, Dr Chan, decided not too long ago to create a brand for hotel amenities and a skincare range for his 17,000 square foot spa, The Bothy (which opens later this year). Inspiration came from the 438 acres of estate, which are farmed on biodynamic principles – and particularly the garden which was planted out by William Walker Wildsmith (the brand’s namesake) in the 1860s. Drawing on a rich botanical base, Wildsmith Skin’s creams and serums are bioactive with scents of floral linden blossom, Roman camomile and earthy cedarwood delivering a balanced, restoring fragrance. Try the super eye serum, which uses plant actives and bio tech ingredients of paracress flower buds and elderberry flower extract to diminish dark circles and plump the area to reduce fine lines; or the copper peptide cream, which includes advanced hyaluronic acid to help reinvigorate skin cells while boosting collagen and elastin to reverse the signs of aging. What makes the beauty brand even better is that it’s also the first to use compostable packaging made from mycelium.


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Hedgerow by Agua

As the name implies, the organic and raw indigenous British ingredients of Hedgerow can be found growing seasonally and sustainably in the parks, urban farms and hedgerows around the Agua Spa in Sea Containers on London’s South Bank. Carefully picked and blended on site by the Agua team to be used in signature massages and facials, expect herbs which have a medicinal history such as St. John’s Wort, rosemary and comfrey for muscle relief or an invigorating scrub of peppermint and lavender. The brand’s homecare line, which is available to purchase onsite, includes a wonderful travel companion called Decompression Essence. It mixes lemon balm, sweet fennel and rosemary and is effective on pulse points for an instant and deliciously fragranced relaxant. Promising a new range of botanical herbs and flowers each season, let’s hope this sets a trend for respecting and valuing what grows right under our noses.


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