Year Of The Dragon: Beautiful Lunar New Year Gifts For 2024

By Charlie Colville

4 months ago

The ultimate New Year gift guide

The Lunar New Year, commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, falls on the 10 February 2023 – and this year, we’re celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Gift-giving is a key part of this special holiday, as they symbolise wishes of prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead. Tradition suggests we give a lucky red packet full of new bills to children, unmarried adults and elderly parents, but it’s not uncommon these days to see people giving more modern gifts to each other (or saving a few themselves). To get ready for the celebrations, we’ve curated our very own Lunar New Year gift guide, which you can browse below…

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What Can We Expect In The Year Of The Dragon?

Following the Lunar calendar, in 2024 we’re set to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Associated with growth, fresh opportunities and prosperity, the Year of the Dragon is expected to bring good fortune to many of us – but especially those born under the zodiac sign of the Rat, who are set to experience a year of prosperity and success, both personally and professionally.

This is also the year of the Wood Dragon; combining he dragon’s characteristics with the nurturing Wood element, it’s expected that the new cycle will bring about plenty of growth, progress and abundance. It is a time for fresh starts, laying down the groundwork for lasting success and encountering favourable opportunities.

The Best Lunar New Year Gifts For 2024

Red lipstick with red and gold dragon design

Featured image: Loveness Lee