26 Sustainable Jewellery Brands To Discover Now
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26 Sustainable Jewellery Brands To Discover Now

Eco-conscious sparkles and upcycled trinkets to brighten your look

Sartorial decisions cast an environmental shadow and as we move forward, we must ensure we’re making sustainable choices when it comes to consumerism. Start with your jewellery collection and opt for brands that make ethical and eco-friendly production choices, utilise recycled materials… and look great doing it. Shop our edit of eco-friendly and sustainable jewellery brands. 

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The Best Sustainable Jewellery Brands Taking Steps To Be Eco Conscious

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Green earrings


Sustainable art and design house Oushaba debuted its first collection, ‘Connection Savage’, this spring, transforming household e-waste into wearable art. Determined to breathe life into forgotten materials, the collection is made up of 38 made-to-order pieces handcrafted in Sicily and made from salvaged electronic waste – think mobile phone circuit boards, charging cables, USB sticks and plugs – and combines it with recycled gold, silver and sustainably sourced gems.


The Diamond Store Aurora Pink Lab Diamond Emerald Cut And Trillion 1.70ct Ring In 18K Yellow Gold

The Diamond Store

Over half of The Diamond Store’s collection is available as lab grown diamonds, with a look to increasing this in the future, as they believe these eco-conscious stones are the future. All jewellery is set in recycled gold, platinum and silver and all naturally mined stones are selected with strict adherence to the Kimberley Process, ensuring they are ethical. This Aurora Pink Lab Diamond Emerald Cut And Trillion 1.70ct Ring really has wow-factor.



Woman laying on reflective surface wearing jewellery


Set up in 2020 by Meghan Griffiths, the founder, Angharad is a jewellery brand taking steps to be kinder to the planet when it comes to sourcing its materials. Its newest collection, Aurora, has been made using entirely SMO (Single Mine Origin) gold, selected from fully-traceable and completely accredited mines recognised for their responsibility standards, and AgAIN silver, which has been extracted from old medical X-Rays. All designs are made by Meghan and her team by hand in East London.


Woman wearing green dress and jewellery

Pippa Small

Pippa Small was the recipient of an MBE back in 2013 for her contribution to ethical jewellery. The craftspeople who create her jewellery were discovered and trained by Pippa during her travels to Kabul, Burma and Bolivia, and by training them in this sector, Pippa provides them with lifelong skills that will in turn help them take care of themselves and their families. She also works with the charity Turquoise Mountain, which works to revive arts and crafts in war-torn countries. Her jewellery is sold on Matches and Net-A-Porter amongst independent retailers, as well as her stand-alone store in Notting Hill.

Pippa Small’s most recent collection, Together Forever, uses (and protects) traditional jewellery practices and has been made eco river panned gold and emeralds.


Pair of pearl earings


Maalo was founded through a desire to create timeless jewellery for every occasion, with founder Montserrat Alonso looking specifically at how her Mexican heritage, the natural world and contemporary aesthetics intersect. Using recycled silver, recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones, each item is handmade either by Monsterrat or a small team of artisans in Mexico.


Close up of model's neck with gold necklaces layered together


As part of the relaunched Orelia Luxe range, Orelia London has released a sustainable jewellery collection inspired by refined classics and timeless design. Each piece has been made with a durable, recyclable and environmentally conscious stainless-steel core, before being PVD plated in 18k gold, silver or rose gold metals. Designs are minimal and chic, with an emphasis on chunky chains, padlocks and bold silhouettes.


Male model looking over his shoulder in shadows


Thai jewellery brand, PATTARAPHAN (meaning ‘Beautiful Skin’), creates genderless pieces that inspire self-expression and creativity in its wearer. Designs follow a ‘punk sensibility’, making them ideal if you’re looking for something that’s both edgy and chic. In terms of sustainability creds, products are made in small batches with locally sourced materials. They’re made by Thai artisans who work in independent local businesses.


Side profile of model with jewellery on display


Spanish brand PDPAOLA was founded by in 2014 by siblings Paola and Humbert Sasplugas, with the goal to transform Paola’s childhood passion for jewellery and design into a lifetime project. Boasting traditionally handcrafted designs combined with the latest technology, the brand opts for certified raw material sourcing with 100 per cent recycled 18k solid gold and lab-grown diamonds.


Model with head reclined to show off earrings


London-based jewellery brand YSSO is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Alexia and Stalo Karides, who infuse designs with a love of their Greek heritage and handcrafted ornaments. Made in small batches in an Athens-based workshop close to where Alexia grew up,  YSSO’s collections are made from recycled bronze, gold and sterling silver by the two founders. Additionally, all packaging is fully recyclable and is produced using FSC certified board (made from recycled stock) and paper.


Close up on model profile, with earrings and rings on display


Founded in 2017 by Eliza Walter, LYLIE is currently the only jeweller in the UK that sources its materials from electronic waste. Jewellery is created using gold and silver salvaged from discarded phones, tablets, computers, dental waste and the brand’s in-house gold exchange (customers are encouraged to send in scrap jewellery in exchange for store credit), while gemstones are either lab-grown, recycled or antique diamonds.


sustainable jewellery


Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch grew up in the heart of Antwerp’s famous diamond trade, with both their families firmly embedded in the business. However, they wanted to prove that there is a more ethical, modern and transparent way to create fine jewellery, and so they launched Kimaï, which uses only 100% traceable lab-grown diamonds and recycled 18k gold. Megan Markle and Emma Watson are fans, and the business raised $1.2Million in seed investment, with Diane Von Furstenberg an investor. The founders were also both featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. What to expect? Think well-priced pieces, handmade in Antwerp, from tiny studs for personalised ear constellations to delicate chain necklaces. It also offers a bespoke service for engagement rings.


Gold necklace on mirror with reflection of tree branches

MATILDE Jewellery

Founded by Jose Mourinho’s daughter, MATILDE Jewellery puts sustainability front and centre. Matilde decided to launch her eponymous line after discovering the detrimental environmental and societal effects of the mining industry. She began researching alternatives – and so MATILDE was born. All pieces are made from lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, and the brand maintains a close relationship with suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring good working conditions for employees.


Close up of model's ear with earrings

Rachel Balfour

Rachel Balfour creates fine jewellery that lasts forever, with the intention that they can be passed down throughout generations. Committed to longevity and reducing waste, the brand works on a small scale using nine or 18 carat gold, works directly with clients to offer bespoke services and even upcycles old jewellery to give it a new life. During lockdown, Rachel Balfour’s founder, Rachel Cuddigan, also started using antique stones in her recycled gold products, creating a circular one-of-a-kind collection: UP. The brand is also part of the 1% for the Planet initiative, meaning it donates 1 per cent of its gross sales to support environmental non-profits.


Lark & Berry Omnis

Lark & Berry

In terms of capturing the zeitgeist, Lark & Berry – the world’s first designer jewellery brand to offer only cultured diamonds and gemstones – appears to be riding the crest of a wave. Its proposition is that cultured diamonds are equal to mined diamonds – often superior, in fact – yet the way they are produced is sustainable, less environmentally damaging and guaranteed 100 per cent conflict-free, making them a crucial new choice in the marketplace.


Women wearing Monica Vinader Togetherness Chain Necklaces

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader has been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark certification as a fully sustainable brand. It joins just a handful of other luxury brands to be awarded the mark, and demonstrates Monica and co’s dedication to sustainability. You should check out the Doina collection, which is launching in 100% recycled silver. Celebrity fans of the brand include the Duchess of Cambridge and Kerry Washington.


Olivia & Pearl

Olivia & Pearl

Olivia & Pearl was born to reinvent the pearl into a modern day icon and redefine what it means to wear pearls today. The luminescent high-quality pearls seen in the gorgeous jewellery collection need an unspoiled marine environment to thrive in, with Olivia & Pearl aiming to protect and sustain the local ecosystems with the work they do. Only working with pearl farms that protect and maintain the natural habitat, conserve the biodiversity of the area and thrive to maintain transparent operating practices, the jewellery is also only produced in small quantities to ensure a sustainable process.


Loveness Lee Alphabet Collection

Loveness Lee

Loveness Lee has a beautiful recycled silver collection, as well as using gorgeous sustainable packaging. It is on a path to becoming a fully sustainable brand, with a goal to use recycled silver across all collections. Going forward, all castings will be made in recycled silver, with a badge across the site highlighting which pieces already fit the bill.


Märta Larsson

Märta Larsson

After training as a ballet dancer and performing as lead singer in a London-based rock band, Märta Larsson turned her hand to fashion, founding a sustainable brand of the same name in 2013. Described as ‘natural art with an attitude’ and taking inspiration from Lapland’s natural landscape (where Larsson was raised), the label’s jewellery selection – from unique clear quartz rings to elegant gold vermeil necklaces – is crafted with raw stones, in which only those guaranteed for use are bought. As stated on the website, ‘we work locally in small production runs, and use no excessive plastics, we make no wasteful journeys, we don’t burn toxics and almost all packaging is made from recycled materials.’ Want to ensure that your jewellery’s journey home is also as eco-friendly as possible? Märta Larsson has joined forces with DHL to ensure that every delivery will have its carbon footprint offset by the international courier.


Close up of black model wearing gold eye makeup and jewellery

Emma Aitchison Jewellery

The gold and silver Emma uses for her collections are 100 per cent recyclable (where possible) and are also all Fairtrade. She works on a ‘made to order’ basis to combat overproduction, while her studio practices sustainability by ensuring materials are always recycled where possible – the lamps are even energy efficient.


Arabel Lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan

After completing a Masters Degree at Central St Martins in ethical jewellery, Arabel founded her eponymous brand selling jewellery which adheres to sustainable practices by finding and using only the most environmentally and culturally responsible sources. From fair mining to ethical sourcing, the brand helps to sustain individuals, communities, animal and marine life.


Feather and Chain

Feather and Chain

Affordable ethically conscious brand Feather and Chain uses recycled silver in its latest Terra collection and predominantly uses man-made not mined gemstones. It uses responsibly sourced Amazonite and Moonstone sparingly in pieces and unsold items are recycled for future collections to cut down on waste. In addition, for every piece sold, £1 is donated to Save The Elephants.


Susan Caplan vintage Chanel necklace

Susan Caplan Vintage

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Vintage jewellery is a renewable resource. ‘Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our brand consciousness’ says Susan on her website. ‘The fashion industry is one of the prime suspects of polluting our planet and we want to advocate sustainability by giving jewellery from the past a new lease of life.’ The brand also uses recycled and recyclable materials for packaging and shipping.


Best sustainable jewellery brands: Article 22

Article 22

Handcrafted by artisan makers in Laos, Article 22 is all about celebrating ‘positive transformations’. Their first collection called Peacebomb features beautiful peices made from Vietnam War shrapnel and other debris. Talk about recycling and turning something into a positive.


Photograph: Michael Dumler



New York based jewellery brand Winden use recycled materials to create their collections. This means that as well as creating sleek, minimal pieces of jewellery (and hair accessories), the company is minimising its negative environmental impact.


Gold nest earrings on wooden plate on green surface

Pascale James

A beautiful jewellery brand which has nothing to hide, Pascale James is wholeheartedly dedicated to following through on their ethical message. As opposed to mining silver – a process which includes mass energy usage, arsenic emissions, and often human rights abuses – Pascale James sources its silver from scrap jewellery, medical equipment and electronics. Where gold is involved, the luxury brand uses 18ct Fair-trade gold to ensure the highest standards of sustainability are met. If you’re looking for something extra special, the Pascale James bespoke service will bring your wildest jewellery dreams to life, again using either recycled or fair-trade gold with ethically sourced diamonds which go beyond the typical ’conflict free’ – or even cultivated diamonds; made above grounds, these are wholly sustainable and ethical. Every single piece has been carefully designed and lovingly made in their Battersea studio. Needless to say, all of the brand’s boxes, businesses cards and postcards are produced using recycled and FSC certified materials.


Bario Neal

Bario Neal

Boasting a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bands and custom-made designs, Bario Neal is a brand proud of its eco-friendly label. Its commitment to ethically sourcing is broken down into four categories; Fairmined Gold – any materials which aren’t recycled are certified Fairmined materials, extracted by small-scale miners; Reclaimed Metal – they primarily only use recycled materials helping to prevent 134,000 tonnes of metal earth from being extracted; Traceable Gemstones – their gemstones can be traced from mine to market; and Responsible Labour – each part of Bario Neal’s supply chain benefits from the company’s oath to bario-neal.com

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