What Will Our Homes Look Like In 2070?
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What Will Our Homes Look Like In 2070?

The high-tech houses we can look forward to

From innovative eco homes to developments with bowling alleys and sky gyms, it might feel as if we’re already living in the future – but there’s even more to come, say experts, who have predicted what our homes will look like in the future.

What Will Homes Look Like In The Future?

Image: Unsplash

We’ve all got a dream home in mind, whether it’s a historic country manor surrounded by greenery or a lavish townhouse fitted out with the latest technology. But what will our dream homes look like by 2070?

While luxurious developments are already offering state-of-the-art amenities, the future looks even brighter. Energy specialists, ‘futurists’ and academics recently gathered for Smart Energy GB’s Home of the Future Panel, predicting which technology features we’ll see in our properties by 2070. From drones to nifty security systems, here’s what you might see in the homes of the future.

Outfit-Selecting Mirrors

Dreaming of a Clueless-style ‘magic’ mirror that helps you choose your outfits? Experts hope this piece of tech won’t be confined to the movies for much longer, forecasting that smart mirrors are on the way. These mirrors could act as personal stylists, screening makeup tutorials and styling videos as well as connecting to a digital wardrobe where all of your clothing is catalogued, so you can browse outfit options and make quicker, easier decisions.

Meanwhile, it’s thought the wardrobes of the future will be able to clean, press, fold and store your clothes. Now that’s the dream.

Robot Gardeners

Robot hoovers are transforming household cleaning, but robot gardeners could be the answer to all of your horticultural needs. From weeding to planting, you wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Built-In Wireless Charging

Plugs and cables could be obsolete in future properties, with wireless ports built into surfaces throughout the home for more convenient gadget charging. Writer and ‘futurist’ Tom Cheesewright predicts: ‘a lot of the tech we’ll see in the future will melt into the background. It’ll be built into walls, part of the fabric of the house.’

At-Home Agriculture

It is expected that many more properties will soon be able to generate their own renewable energy, but they may also be able to harness this energy and use it to create the perfect growing conditions for food. No messy pots or vegetable patches required; thanks to indoor hydroponics – the science of growing plants without the need for soil – you might just be able to grow your own fruit and veg indoors, all year round.

Drone Delivery Points

Forget parking spaces – what if every household had a drone landing zone? All of your groceries could be delivered by drone, and the handy gadgets could even sort the removal of your household waste. Taking the bins out would never be the same again.

Image: Unsplash

Flexible Spaces

Open-plan living is ideal when it comes to entertaining, but if you’re plagued by pesky walls, your future home might have shiftable partitions, creating flexible areas. Whether you’re looking for space to throw a dinner party or you’re desperate for more walls to provide some peace and quiet, all the possibilities would be right at your fingertips. 

Facial Recognition Security

While facial recognition has replaced passwords for most phone users, we still rely on the humble lock and key when it comes to getting into our homes. By 2070, however, infrared scanners could be commonplace in home security systems, meaning you can unlock your door simply by glancing at a camera.

Hyper-Connected Smart Energy Hubs

Smart energy meters really are the future – and they’re set to get even more advanced. Experts anticipate that smart energy hubs will become adept at scheduling our appliances to use energy when it is cheapest, while also storing power for use throughout the day, and managing energy produced by renewable sources like solar panels or even domestic turbines.

Advanced Water-Saving Technology

While heat pumps are becoming a more common property feature, heat pump technology is set to become even more high-tech, capturing heat from hot water running through the drains for use throughout the house. It’s also predicted that you’ll be able to collect water from the shower, bath and sink and use it in the garden. 

Smart Toilets

You’ve heard of smart televisions – but smart toilets? Yes, and not just those with a built-in bidet. Experts anticipate even higher tech toilets by 2070 that can monitor your (ahem) movements and alert you to early signs of diseases, allowing users to seek medical advice as quickly as possible.