Palm Royale: Will There Be A Season 2?

By Martha Davies

3 weeks ago

Here's what we know

From fashion-focused series The New Look to war drama Masters of the Air, there are plenty of knockout shows and films to watch on Apple TV – and fans of The White Lotus will be particularly excited about Palm Royale, a brand new comedy series starring Kristen Wiig. Eight episodes of the show are available to stream now, with each new part dropping weekly. But will we get a season 2? Here’s what we know.

Apple TV+’s Palm Royale: Everything We Know About Season 2

What Is Palm Royale About?

Kristen Wiig sitting beside a swimming pool wearing an orange 1960s dress and headscarf

Image courtesy of Apple TV+

Loosely based on Mr and Mrs American Pie, a novel by Juliet McDaniel, Palm Royale transports us to the sun-drenched vistas of Palm Beach in the 1960s, where protagonist Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig) is determined to make her mark. Her goal is to break into the inner circle of the Palm Beach elite and become a true member of high society. Much like The White Lotus, Saltburn and Succession, Palm Royale examines the world of the super-rich, prompting viewers to consider what you really have to do – and how much you stand to lose – when you’re attempting to earn the respect of the wealthiest and most powerful people. 

‘As Maxine attempts to cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots, Palm Royale asks the same question that still baffles us today: How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has?’ reads the Apple TV+ synopsis. ‘Set during the powder keg year of 1969, Palm Royale is a testament to every outsider fighting for their chance to truly belong.’

Who Stars?

Image courtesy of Apple TV+

  • Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids)
  • Ricky Martin
  • Josh Lucas (Yellowstone)
  • Leslie Bibb
  • Amber Chardae Robinson (Judas And The Black Messiah)
  • Mindy Cohn (The Facts Of Life)
  • Julia Duffy
  • Kaia Gerber (Bottoms)
  • Laura Dern (Big Little Lies)
  • Allison Janney (I, Tonya)
  • Bruce Dern
  • Carol Burnett

Where Can I Watch The Trailer?

You can check out the trailer below:

How Can I Stream Palm Royale?

The first eight episodes are available to stream now on Apple TV+. The next one will drop on Wednesday 1 May, and the finale will arrive on Wednesday 8 May.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed just yet. In an interview with Collider, however, actress Leslie Bibb hinted: ‘There’s a writers’ room that’s open, and we’ll see. Apple doesn’t okay anything until they see numbers, but I’ve heard rumblings.’ So, while nothing is set in stone, here’s hoping season 2 gets the green light from Apple.

Images courtesy of Apple TV+