Somerset House’s Mushroom-Inspired Exhibition is Set to Go Virtual

By Daniella Saunders

4 years ago

Discover mushroom-made shoes, Beatrix Potter’s watercolour mushrooms and more

In light of International Museum Day (18 May), Somerset House will be bringing its highly anticipated exhibition, Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi, into the virtual realm.

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The eccentric retrospective, which delves into the fascinating cultural history, influence and future potential of fungi, will be available for culture vultures (and mushroom-lovers alike) to explore online via a special virtual tour. If you didn’t manage to catch the exhibition before it closed in light of the pandemic, now’s your chance to view it from the comfort of your own home.

Mindful Mushroom

Seana Gavin, ‘Mindful Mushroom’, courtesy of the artist.

From fashion, food, architecture, science and design, the exhibition offers something for everyone. Viewers will have the opportunity to explore Beatrix Potter’s authentic series of mushrooms illustrations, those which have featured in her children’s books as well as in the study of natural history.

For fashion fanatics, shoes and shades curated with mushrooms will be on show, an exploration of mycelium (the vegetative aspect of fungi) and its potential as a sustainable material in the design and manufactural industries.


Kristel Peters, ‘Mycoschoen’, courtesy of the artist

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Other highlights include a ‘hypnotic’ film by artist Adham Faramawy revolving the mushroom’s mystic and otherworldly influence, a series of captivating ‘mushroom-human hybrids’ from Seana Gavin, plus ‘solar-powered mushrooms’ courtesy of Carsten Höller.

News of the virtual exhibition comes after Somerset House announced their new lockdown-inspired digital programme I Should De Doing Something Else Right Now. From artist talks with the likes of Juliana Huxtable to inspiring ‘Upgrade Yourself’ live streams, the initiative aims to uplift and entertain throughout these unprecedented times.

Mushrooms The Art, Design and Future of Fungi

Seana Gavin collage works, as part of Mushrooms The Art, Design and Future of Fungi © Mark Blower

Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi will be available to view online from 18 May via

Featured image: Beatrix Potter watercolours, as part of Mushrooms The Art, Design and Future of Fungi © Mark Blower

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