The Tourist Season Two Has Arrived
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The Tourist Season Two Has Arrived

The BBC's hit thriller has returned

Remember The Tourist, that BBC series we were all hooked on at the beginning of 2022? We have good news for you: it’s back. That’s right, more Jamie Dornan – no longer in the Australian outback, but back in his Irish hometown, trying to dig deeper into his true identity following the car crash of season one. Reports circled earlier in 2023, with filming taking place in Dublin. Read on for the details, plus a recap to jog your memory.

The Tourist Season Two Is Coming

Where Is The Tourist Streaming?

All six episodes of The Tourist are available to stream on BBC iPlayer, including season 2 from 1 January 2024.

Season One Recap

First of all, let’s remind ourselves of what happened in season one (for those who haven’t seen it yet, be warned that there will be spoilers here). In the first series, we are introduced to The Man (Dornan), who is driving along a long, winding road in Australia, when all of a sudden a lorry bulldozes into his car. He wakes up in hospital with no memory of who he is – and nobody else seems to know either. In the small Australian town, everyone knows each other, which makes the whole situation all the more curious.

We soon meet some other members of the community, including police officer Helen (Danielle Macdonald), who is assigned to The Man’s case, and Luci (Shalom Brune-Franklin), a waitress in a local cafe. Across the next six episodes, The Man embarks on a trail to try and find out his history. All sorts of drama ensues, with twists and turns keeping us guessing right up until the ending.

Helen in The Tourist season 2

We eventually learn that Dornan’s character is called Elliot, and previously worked for a notorious crime lord called Kostas. Elliot fell in love with Kostas’s girlfriend, Luci, and flew to Australia with her – plus $1 million of Kostas’s money in tow, hence why Kostas tracked them down and tried to kill Elliot.

It also transpires that Dornan’s character wasn’t so nice himself: the woman who keeps popping up in his memories was actually one of his trafficking victims, who was forced to smuggle heroin into Australia. When all this comes to light, Helen – who has struck up a friendship with Elliot – no longer wants to help him (understandably). Elliot is also horrified, and tries to overdose with drugs and alcohol. And then – final twist – Helen changes her mind, texting him a burrito emoji (Elliot’s favourite dish). But is it too late? Did Elliot die?

What Will Happen In Season Two?

Spoiler alert: no – shots from the second series show Dornan alive and kicking. According to the BBC, this season will see Elliot and Helen ‘confronted by friends and foes as they attempt to uncover the secrets of Elliot’s past’.

Looks like their mission won’t be easy though. Images show Elliot running away from a car, and peering around a curtain with a bloodied forehead. Helen, too, looks pretty concerned. The synopsis tells us: ‘Whilst Elliot fights with his own demons, Helen is left to pick up the pieces of a larger mystery; forcing them both to confront foes, old and new.’

Season two was confirmed earlier this year, with creators Harry and Jack Williams saying: The Tourist was unlike anything we’d written before and we’re hugely grateful for the incredible response to series one. It’s been an exciting journey getting stuck into that world again with the quirky characters that were so loved, and seeing where we could take them next, whilst continuing to deliver a tonally unique and off-beat drama.’

Speaking about the new series, Dornan said: ‘I’m incredibly excited to continue the story with The Tourist. Harry and Jack Williams are brilliant writers, and I can’t wait for audiences to see how well Ireland and its characters are utilised to keep them guessing as the tale progresses.’

Jamie Dornan in The Tourist

Who Stars?

Alongside Dornan and Macdonald, a number of new faces will be joining the cast. Industry star Conor MacNeil will be playing Detective Ruairi Slater, while The Northman‘s Olwen Fouéré will feature as Niamh Cassidy. Other names set to join the cast include Nessa Matthews (Fair City), Mark McKenna (Sing Street) and Diarmaid Murtagh (Outlander).


Release Date

The first episode of season two of The Tourist aired at 9pm on 1 January 2024 on BBC One.

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