The Greatest Tea Brands Of All Time
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The Greatest Tea Brands Of All Time

Time to put the kettle on

Tea has become an inherent part of British culture – it’s up there with tennis, a Sunday roast and saying sorry. Its origins, though, are in ancient China, where it was discovered many centuries ago before becoming big in India and Sri Lanka. The beginnings of English Breakfast, on the other hand, are thought to lie in Scotland, where Queen Victoria first enjoyed a blend during a stay at Balmoral. Nowadays there are endless brands to choose from, but which are the greatest? Here we bring you the very best tea brands. Whether you’re all about a classic builder’s tea, prefer a nutritious green or love everything from oolong to jasmine, you can guarantee these names know their stuff.

The Very Best Tea Brands

Our definition of best

For a truly good cup of tea, you’ve got to source the right tea bag from the right brand. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work and and have found the best brands out there. Our version of ‘best’, though, isn’t just about taste – although that is imperative, obviously. To us though, to be the best – a brand must have sustainability, regeneration and ethics at the heart of its mission, whether that’s using plastic-free packaging or ensuring fair workers wages. So, here’s our roundup of the best tea brands out there which are creating great tea that gives back to the community: both people and the planet.

The Best Tea Brands 2023

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Pukka tea leaves Darjeeling First Flush with Organic logo

UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Cutting out the middle men, the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company collects its tea directly from the growers meaning all the money goes to the rural farmers who make this organically-grown tea. Ninety-eight per cent of its orders are now plastic free, with the option to opt for an 100 percent plastic free service at checkout. There’s a plethora of different types of tea on offer, and, as the name suggests, it’s loose leaf tea so get your teapot ready.

earl grey traidcraft box


In 1979, Traidcraft brought the first ever cup of fair trade to the UK. Originally sourced from a charitable-owned farm in Sri Lanka, with profits split equally between the workers and the charitable trust, Traidcraft has now broadened its reach, and partnered with multiple growers. The commitment to prioritising great tasting tea that is ethically sourced it is at the heart of Traidcraft – and it pays off in taste.

cup of tea with twinings tea bag


Britain’s oldest tea-brand, Twinings was introduced in 1706 and holds a royal warrant; it has well earned its place on the list. And not only has it proven over the last three hundred years its success at producing high quality tea, but it’s also become strongly committed to making a positive social impact. From its position as founding member of Ethical Tea Partnership, to its partnerships with Save the Children and UNICEF, Twinings creates a comforting cup of tea which gives back to the community.

teapigs tea bags boxes


Hot or cold? Alongside the usual black and herbal teas served hot – Teapigs also specialises in creating special cold brew teas: tea designed to be served and drunk cold. It makes for a nicer, more authentic version for a great iced tea. Teapigs is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and has its own scheme that works with and supports tea growing communities.

hand holding fox shaped teabag dangling it into mug

Tea Heritage

Tea Heritage is a boutique brand based in Lyon, France which works to create beautiful bagged-tea, with a focus on the creation and design process. Each teabag shape is individually designed, before being carefully sewn up. Giving back to the community is integral to Tea Heritage: the craftspeople in the team live in the local community and many of them are blind or partially sighted. Responsibly sourced, using organic products and creating beautiful bespoke tea bags, this is a very special tea brand.

box of birchall tea on red table

Birchall Tea

Not only does Birchall Tea promise seriously good tasting tea – it’s won 78 Great Taste Awards – but it also has a huge focus on sustainability. It’s the UK’s first fully solar powered tea factory, produces biodegradable tea bags, and all its products are 100 per cent carbon neutral.

pukka tea green packet of the breathe in summer focus launch, sitting on tablle

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Tea is a leading herbal tea brand which works closely with farmers and sources high-quality, organic ingredients to create delicious teas with health-beneficial effects.

selection of clipper tea boxes lying on table

Clipper Teas

Clipper Teas became the UK’s first official Fairtrade tea company in 1994 and now stands as the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand. Clipper Teas’ dedication to using high quality and well-sourced ingredients in natural and compostable tea bags results in a seriously good cup of tea.