MATILDE is on a mission to create an earth-friendly alternative to traditional jewellery, without compromising on quality or design. Founded by Matilde Mourinho, who launched her eponymous line after discovering the detrimental effects of the mining industry, each beautiful piece of jewellery is crafted from lab-grown diamonds and 100% recyclable 14k gold. This sustainable approach is at the heart of the brand, such as the dust pouches which are made from organic pre-washed canvas. Their latest collection ‘Eclipse’ celebrates the night sky and stays true to the brand’s signature designs of asymmetrical pieces, pear-shaped diamonds and homage to the natural world.


  1. Matilde has a loyal celebrity following – Kylie Minogue, Stormzy, Kate Hudson, Ellie Goulding and Yasmine Finney are all fans.
  2. Embraces a circular design philosophy, with thoughtful consideration given to the entire life cycle of the jewellery.
  3. Invests in projects that contribute to environmental conservation and community development, including One Tree Planted.
  4. Supply chains are as transparent as possible, with MATILDE providing customers with clear information about their sourcing practices, production methods and environmental initiatives.
  5. All of the diamonds in MATILDE jewellery are Round Brilliant Cut. With 57 perfectly aligned facets, this cut allows for optimal sparkle.

Accredited or assessed by

Positive Luxury: Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark is awarded only to brands meeting higher and higher standards for people and nature. Each brand has to undergo a comprehensive assessment built on the foundation of international agreements, global frameworks and standards, and even potential upcoming legislation. Brands have to recertify every two years.